Every person who heals themselves today, sets the next generation on a more enlightened course, because you will no longer have to unconsciously play out your wounds via behavior that hurts other people.

 I deal in the astounding possibilities that arise when we learn to use our own thinking equipment.

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As a Wellbeing Philosopher, my focus is on how our contemporary thoughts, beliefs, and actions around health have gone so wrong - resulting in a Wellbeing Crisis of immense global proportions. To fix this incredibly complex problem, we all must take charge of our own thinking about what is truly right and wrong within our own human organism. To pretend we are not an integrated being with mind, body, and soul interacting in astoundingly intimate and complicated ways, is to give up on thriving by simply choosing to numb ourselves to the phenomenal joy of living.

My niche is helping unwell people create a coherent narrative so that they can communicate precisely with medical practitioners of all sorts. I firmly believe that unresolved trauma, especially in people who haven’t realized they were traumatized, creates a rift in the bodymind that produces a tendency to manifest certain diseases in reliable patterns until the suppressed trauma is resolved.

Having taken 9 years to pinpoint my infancy trauma, I now specialize in helping people whose lives are a mess but they are unable to pinpoint any traumatic experience that set them down this path.

I will help you uncover and write a personal narrative that separates the wheat from the chafe, so that you have a clear idea what medical practitioners in Western or complementary medicine will be most able to move you forward with strategies to regain a thriving life via optimal health.
— Deb Helfrich