Sensitive SuperSoul! Let’s Unite, to provide some deep nurturing for HSPs by forming a ‘sound healing’ retreat and foundation to further the cause of the sensitive superpower. By banding together to demonstrate to the world how crucial it is for humanity to not run roughshod over us. Because, as canaries, or a Redheaded Black Swan, like myself, we have important insights about human wellbeing that alert the non-sensitive to the harmful toxins, the enslavement of our structures of endeavor, and heinous cultural biases that are being overlooked because the depth of the problem isn’t the concern of those scrolling the shallows.

The most precious souls face the most extraordinary challenges at our current design stage of the evolution of humanity. I believe there is some special alchemy that will arise when our successes and failures intertwine to change how humans perceive each other.

Right to the point, I am pitching you a nerf ball of delight, I hope. Would you like to cofound a retreat, refuge, ‘destination’ sound spa that houses a foundation to promote sensitive people and their unique values to homo sapiens and all the life on Earth?

I am thinking of pivoting the concept from this neighbor of mine, to creating a place for wounded sensitives to find a place for recharge, develop a pipeline of sensitive-based right livelihood opportunities, a vibrant, deep, soulful online community, and many other projects as this concept evolves with the input of the many sensitives locked in their specialness, wanting to take the world by their own storm-blend.

Alanis, I am a fan of your being. I could spend decades building this from scratch, but despite my 50-year tendency to swallow this sort of grand, delightful idea, I feel that somehow, you are searching for something similar, even with all that you are creating this year. Perhaps the thought has arose “What about all the sensitives who fell through the cracks because no one would listen or honor or help them deal with challenges that rarely exist for ‘the pack’ of humans?

The bulk of this project is real estate investment on Whidbey Island, right off the continental US, Northwest of Seattle. This little community is full of sound healers and complementary modality practitioners. This is a place to deeply recharge. I want to create a venue in conjunction with my local organization > Beyond the property itself which would be held by the foundation, I would be seeking funds for an executive director(me) for two years, some temporary assistants and volunteer ‘swag’ and some expenses to freshen the property, make it habitable for strangers, and design spaces for the sound healing - both as concerts and as individual focused sessions. All along working to get the marketing/PR ball rolling smoothly.

Alanis Elaine.PNG

Alanis, no one ever saw the truth of me. Because of this, I tuned within, and barely spoke out in the world. Now, I’ve learned how to be strongly sensitive, via sound, vibration, frequency. There is an awful lot of cool science that I plan to write about as a Wellbeing Philosopher, in parallel to developing this Sensitive Sound Spa community.

I am coming to you for one, challenging reason. I can’t find anyplace in America to heal. So therefore, I need to create a place for others to heal, baking right into the mission that the business of the spa, retreat rooms, lecture and concert spaces is meant to sustainably support people in physiological distress that require a ‘clean’ atmosphere so their bodies can begin to reduce toxic burdens. I’d further like to make the space a virtual hangout for those who can’t journey. A pocket of deeply felt respect for community built to support sensitives in building thriving lives, no matter how abrasive the world continues to be.

I’d be honored by your consideration.

Truly Be Well!

Deb ~ 202-487-7818