My dear friend & creativity guru Marcia Wiley & her gorgeous drinking glasses are a commonality we share.

Dear Bruce, I trust you are thriving and perhaps looking to mentor someone like me who owes you a debt of gratitude. Through The Biology of Belief, Spontaneous Evolution, The Honeymoon Effect, and your many podcast performances, you provided me a coherent signal for years of what it looks, sounds, and feels like to have found 'heaven on earth.'

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. However, my epiphanies didn't come via my work, they came through losing my 40’s to chronic disease – the invisible kind commonly 'debunked' by current medical care, since they can only shrug their shoulders. So I lost it all, just as our world designs that most of us should, since it is corporation-centric.

But in fixing my own energetic system, I know that I can follow in your footsteps, PLUS demonstrate a massive real world change in my physiology, achieved through philosophical inquiry into bleeding edge science. I have a new twist on an old favorite - Socratic Dialogue - that can teach everyone how to upgrade their basic science past grade-school Newtonian, because the gravitational weight of believing 'stuff' is ruling the universe, instead of consciousness, is crushing us all into idiots. We make 95% of our decisions so blindly, we are locked into a course of action that will end in self-extinction in the foreseeable future.

Hope to shake your hand! Look for the only Redheaded Black Swan in existence - I physically demonstrate evolution more than 97% of the population.

Hope to shake your hand! Look for the only Redheaded Black Swan in existence - I physically demonstrate evolution more than 97% of the population.

Bruce, I am in search of a mentor. I need some WISE guidance on how to intersect with open-hearted and curious-minded professionals who can help me launch my right livelihood of becoming known as a Wellbeing Philosopher. PLUS, I really think we'd have a truly enjoyable time chatting. I know you are a fan of Spontaneous Evolution, and are so very curious about how the process unfolds in vastly different people.

Click around! This page is solely for you & not part of the site navigation. It would be a dream manifested to have a conversation with you, anytime, with as many sensory dimensions as your interest, time, and tech-preferences enable. Perhaps even in Santa Clara this July >>>>

What I truly need is just a hand (or three) forward to connect with the professionals who can help me share my story, my unique energy capacity, and my philosophical hypothesis of bio-electricity. I want to share my lovingly confrontational way of synthesizing all of 2019's bleeding edge science through evolutionary stories, that illuminate a contemporary framework for thinking about what ails us, and how to firmly take control of our glorious human capacity to steer this planet into becoming a garden of earthly delights.

My message is one that most Americans need to confront: I demand that we realize that the meaning of life for humanity is to be the stewards of a life-centric world. We are hastening the demise of humanity by being so narrowly focused on being purveyors of machines, tech, and inorganic molecules meant solely to satisfy one person's greed. With my size, age, past corporate career, and philosophy degree, I am the sort of person most people never get to meet - someone thrilled to be an outlier in so many respects. Helping to model a new sort of success, that comes from the joy of getting to be exactly who I am, is a robust antidote to many wellbeing crises that seem unsolvable in the pharma model.

This video changed my life, Bruce, so much it took two years to process fully…..

Bruce, again, your presence in the ether has been a guiding force for so long. Every membrane in my cellular universe vibrates when contemplating a 'scientific philosopher' conversation with you. I'd be chuffed to have an opportunity to discuss my philosophical hypothesis of bio-electricity with you and gain your insights on how-to and who-can optimally help me share my right livelihood with the world.

Reach out. Let’s AMPLIFY the change so the world has a redheaded female version of how to live full of love, joy, curiosity, and awe.




Deb ~ 202-487-7818