”Do you want someone who has your back? To bounce ideas around as a solo entrepreneur/ To help you strategise? to see things from outside your own perspective? to help you launch a service or product, complete a project or start a new one? Well if you do, I highly recommend Deb Helfrich as a soulful strategist. She is solid, a deep thinker, an empathic listener, a creative energiser and a loyal supporter. If she believes in what you are doing and your values are aligned you will sense & value the breadth and depth of her insight to help you achieve in your own way. “
— Deb Lange

Testimonial from Deb Lange

A Highlight Reel of Work with Deb Lange

Here are a few of the fun, useful, and interest-grabbing outcomes of partnering together to launch online courses, webinars, and intensive mentoring opportunities to extend her book; Trust Your Senses: Embodied Wisdom for the Modern Age


A series of discussions about the book, as we worked to launch an upcoming webinar series and online course based on bringing the book alive.


We recorded these via zoom from Melbourne, Australia & Seattle, WA


I scheduled these to auto-tweet twice a day and also embedded into posts on LinkedIn & beBee