”Do you want someone who has your back? To bounce ideas around as a solo entrepreneur/ To help you strategise? to see things from outside your own perspective? to help you launch a service or product, complete a project or start a new one? Well if you do, I highly recommend Deb Helfrich as a soulful strategist. She is solid, a deep thinker, an empathic listener, a creative energiser and a loyal supporter. If she believes in what you are doing and your values are aligned you will sense & value the breadth and depth of her insight to help you achieve in your own way. “
— Deb Lange

Testimonial from Deb Lange

A Highlight Reel of Work with Deb Lange

Watch our video for a few of the fun, useful, and interest-grabbing outcomes of partnering together to launch online courses, webinars, and intensive mentoring opportunities to extend her book; Trust Your Senses: Embodied Wisdom for the Modern Age