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I know it is true that our body, conducted by our heart, is the source of our deepest wisdom. Our thoughts are meant to proceed to enact our uniquely special blend of love and insights in the external world.

The curse of our culture is that we are taught the world works outside in.

But the promise of this moment in history is that we can be the change, by demonstrating what lives lived from inside out can truly achieve.
— Deb
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Deb Helfrich has been on a lifelong journey to learn how to best use our thinking equipment. After earning a degree in Philosophy from Carnegie Mellon, she worked as a software consultant for two decades making sure that HR systems worked impeccably to ensure employee's paychecks landed in their bank accounts at the precise moment the money was relied on.

She wholeheartedly believes the next frontier for humanity is unlocking human potential via trust, respect, honoring our physiological needs, and re-establishing connection and collaboration as the core of sustainable profit-generating activities.

Once you realize the power of focused human effort coalesced by writing or conversation, you will learn that being a person in charge of your life is the best gift you can give to everyone and everything you care about.
You become this person by healing all that constrains you from a thriving life, full of joyous flow.
— Deb

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Coming Soon : A memoir about Midlife and a series of e-books on various wellness topics

My work involves many strategies on how to develop the potential of individuals buried within the labyrinth of our highly disconnected world. I can help guide this powerful energy into a pathway to help authentic businesses, run by caring people, to begin to change the world.

  • I created a job that allows me to be who I am.

  • I attracted the people who can support my goals

  • I supported those at a similar place in their own journeys

This is a marvelous I believe is available to everyone willing to show up as who they are, share what they know, and stand up for what they care about.

Deb has been a Soulpreneur Strategist, philosopher, insight connoisseur, interview coach, and a software consultant for 2 decades whose memoir: Second: A Tale of Grief and Puppy Love is self-published & available exclusively right here.


I believe in staying as present as possible and I use these 3 mantra's to help me in my quest to live my own version of a fulfilling life:

~ My definition of success is to be able to think my own thoughts

~ My definition of comfort is to be at home in my own body

~ I think that the purpose of life is to constantly learn how to use our own thinking equipment


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Deb is also the Co-Founder of with Gary Sharpe who documents his journey living with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease.