Deb Helfrich is the creator of Wellbeing Philosophy ~ a cohesive, coherent hypothesis employing Evolutionary Logic and Socratic Dialogue in Truly Humane ways.

I know it is true that our body, conducted by our heart, is the source of our deepest wisdom. Our thoughts are meant to proceed to enact our uniquely special blend of love and insights in the external world.

The curse of our culture is that we are taught the world works outside in.

But the promise of this moment in history is that we can be the change, by demonstrating what lives lived from inside out can truly achieve.
— Deb
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Redheaded SheHulk of Love

Deb has been on a lifelong journey to learn how to best use our thinking equipment. After earning a degree in Philosophy from Carnegie Mellon, she worked as a software consultant for two decades making sure that HR systems worked impeccably to ensure employee's paychecks were direct deposited in their bank accounts at the precise moment the money was relied on.

Bridging communication canyons between HR and IT was a piece of cake compared to her 2nd career - bridging the hostile suspension detente between western and life-centric knowledge systems. And she is spending 2020 on stage taking on the entire election cycle from her antiracist perspective. As the creator of Wellbeing Philosophy, she is on a mission to surface the hidden presumptions in the ‘western scientific tradition’ that are killing life, because of a foundational lack of context.

She wholeheartedly believes the next frontier for humanity is unlocking the potential of consciousness as transduced through the instrument of the human body.

Via trust, respect, honoring our physiological needs, placing our species as a mammal in its proper Evolutionary Logic context, and re-establishing connection and collaboration as the core of a sustainable world for all life on Earth.

Wellbeing Philosopher ~ Consciousness Connoisseur ~ Soulpreneur Strategist

Entirely new old-comer in the Entertainment Industry

Once you realize the power of focused human effort coalesced by writing or conversation, you will learn that being a person in charge of your life is the best gift you can give to everyone and everything you care about.
You become this person by healing all that constrains you from a thriving life, full of joyous flow.
— Deb