Deb Helfrich is a Soulpreneur Strategist, philosopher, insight connoisseur, interview coach, and wellness mentor whose memoir: Second: A Tale of Grief and Puppy Love is self-published & available exclusively right here.

My work involves many strategies on how to develop the potential of community buried within the labyrinth of social media. I can help guide this powerful energy into a pathway to help authentic businesses, run by caring people, to begin to change the world.

  • I created a job that allows me to be who I am.
  • I attracted the people who can support my goals
  • I supported those at a similar place in their own journeys

This is a marvelous I believe is available to everyone willing to show up as who they are, share what they know, and stand up for what they care about.

I believe in staying as present as possible and I use these 3 mantra's to help me in my quest to live my own version of a fulfilling life:

  • My definition of success is to be able to think my own thoughts
  • My definition of comfort is to be at home in my own body
  • I think that the meaning of life is to constantly learn how to use our own thinking equipment

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Deb is also the Co-Founder of with Gary Sharpe who documents his journey living with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease.

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