I Demand a Life-Centric World

A selection of my quiet agitation for a much better world through comments to global change-makers:

Standing Ovation, Leena Nair. Thank you for being a leader across all the dimensions of being great at your job and an awesome human being. You are 100% right. Now is the time to focus on getting to the bottom of how men balance family and work. Because we have the data from the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) study and every tiny human needs BOTH parents present and involved. If we put the focus there, on raising new humans, even in the context of our work, we will guarantee a brighter future. Paternity leave is a human right. As is right-sizing maternal leave in America where we are too bloody stingy.

Caring for infants is a human responsibility - perhaps the GREATEST one - and we need to stop seeing it as an expense that can be managed or cut, or used as a lever for discrimination.

Exactly where do companies think their future customers will come from if they do not adequately support parents in having and raising kids?
— deb