Didgeridoo Mindfulness Workshops created for Resounding Impact in Corporate Environments


A productive workforce is open to change, able to concentrate, and deal effectively with stressful situations.

So how does your organization support your employees in the daily practice of being in optimal mental shape while at work?

You must be asking - why listen to the didgeridoo when there are so many mindfulness & meditation apps? Because you talk all day long. These programs, even experiential seminars, feature more talk. Extremely useful talk…

“Analyze data from longitudinal studies that define growth curves of brain and behavior from childhood to adulthood to learn how brains are shaped by music and how musical training affects attention, executive function, social/emotional functioning and language skills.” ~NIH in collaboration with the Kennedy Center

But sound is an adaptive tool. The complexity of live music meets each listener wherever they are in their workday, guiding them toward a full recharge. Primed to enter the state of peak performance called FLOW.

Live music produced by human breath encompasses all the effects of traditional mindfulness methods, PLUS it allows employees to pause the talking in their minds more efficiently for deeper effects throughout the brain.

In order for employees to return to work truly revived after their lunch break, with greater attentional control, a novel stimulus has to arise for each employee, so they can bring more harmony and rhythm to their daily tasks and decisions.

Our Workshops are a customized blend of learning and listening - incorporating state of the art research on Flow, Mindfulness, and Improvisational Music.

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Didgeridoo workshop/concerts promote Effortless Mindfulness which increases concentration, creating enhanced productivity.

Contact us for an impactful addition to your on-site wellness options. We will setup in a meeting room that holds 30 or more people, optimally without a large table in the center, or with a 9x9 space to set up the instruments. Joseph does walk around the room, if space allows, to ensure that each person experiences the vibrations of the didge, along with the sound. Surrounding the performance, Deb will explain a little about the research supporting the benefits of flow, mindfulness, sound, breath-work, and resting during the workday; helping employees leave their to-do lists behind for a truly innovative lunch break.

Contact: Deb Helfrich


Corporate Wellness Didgeridoo Workshops

Want employees primed for innovation? Schedule a Didgeridoo workshop as part of your wellness offerings, a vibrantly unique way to bring mindfulness, flow, and improvisational music into your work day.

"the extremely difficult virtuoso techniques developed by expert performers find no parallel elsewhere." wikipedia

There is something special about the didge and something extraordinary about Joseph’s talent.

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Here’s the Details on our Workshops blending Live Music, Mindfulness, and Flow

  1. Our corporate programs represent a 50% savings per employee over our standard group rate, based on providing our service to 100 + employees.

  2. $500 per hour, 3 hour minimum per day = $1500 for our basic package. Simply inquire for workshops ranging from 4 to 8 hours a day.

  3. The basic package provides 3 or 6 sessions running 30 - 60 minutes with workshops scheduled so that employees have multiple time options to fit into their schedules. For example, 10:30-11:30am, noon to 1pm, and 1:30 to 2:30. We don’t require a full half hour between all sessions, but it is important to have at least 20 minutes of break, so that Joseph can perform robustly throughout the day.

  4. Each session includes a mini mindfulness intro, an improv-ed, always new, musical performance of Didgeridoo and percussion instruments, then a few minutes of integration time to bring all employees back to talking and in work-mode so they return to work recharged with a freshly oiled brain.

  5. Participants simply need to show up on time. While drop-ins are graciously welcomed, we have found that having the workshops on the internal scheduling system as a business meeting, promotes attendance and provides important statistics that allows for us to solicit feedback on effectiveness, how to improve, and the continuing demand for our services.

  6. Most people notice enhanced calmness, improved concentration, and decreased stress; with effects lasting throughout the day and night into the next day.

  7. We love to develop customized concerts, wellness day offerings, and employee retreats, as well.

  8. Consider booking a series of Didgeridoo workshops, in advance, so you can chose the best day of the week for your organization, rather than fitting in around our bookings.

Businesses that create empowering, secure, and collaborative environments create a win~win~win effect throughout their own profit margins & among the communities that their employees live in.

A simple daily change, such as feeling valued & respected at work can change many lives - even the planet at large.

We re-humanize our workplaces, decision by decision, by bringing the broad range of human needs into the workday.

Music sets the stage for enhanced productivity, innovation, and sustained mental focus.
— Deb Helfrich
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Deb is a veteran of the corporate world as a payroll software consultant for 20 years. Her second career is a blend of tech, science, music, embodiment practices, and the power of philosophy. She experiences profound benefits from Joseph’s musicianship. As a member of WIHHA - the Whidbey Island Holistic Health Association, she finds great meaning in enabling the #futureofwork by demanding we all learn how to build a life-centric world.


Joseph has been a musician for 25 years, performing weekly on Whidbey for the last 15 years. While he is most renown for his Didgeridoo talent, he excels at playing a wide range of lyrical and rhythmic instruments that add to the unique improvisation soundscape he produces fresh for each performance, grounded in his sense of the group dynamic of his audience. He demonstrates the power of our brains as he focuses on playing music from his heart.