Didgeridoo Mindfulness Concerts created for Corporate Environments

A productive workforce is open to change, able to concentrate, and deal effectively with stressful situations.

How does your organization support your employees

in the daily practice of being in optimal mental shape?

Businesses that create empowering, secure, and collaborative environments create a win~win~win effect throughout their own profit margins & among the communities that their employees live in.

A simple daily change, such as feeling valued & respected at work can change many lives - even the planet at large.

We re-humanize our workplaces, decision by decision, by bringing the broad range of human needs into the workday.

Music sets the stage for enhanced productivity, innovation, and sustained mental focus.
— Deb Helfrich

Why listen to the didgeridoo when there are so many mindfulness & meditation apps? You talk all day. These programs feature more talk. Extremely useful talk.

But sound is an adaptive tool. It guides you where you need to go. Meeting each listener in their present bodystate and mindstate.

Live music produced by human breath encompasses all the effects of traditional mindfulness methods, PLUS it allows employees to pause the talking in their minds.

In order to return to work truly recharged, with greater attentional control.

An impactful addition to your on-site wellness options. We will setup in a meeting room that holds 30 or more people, without a large table in the center or with a 7x7 space to set up the instruments. Joseph also walks around the room, to ensure that each person experiences the vibrations of the didge, along with the sound.

Corporate Wellness Didgeridoo Concerts

Want employees primed for innovation? Schedule a Didgeridoo concert as part of your wellness offerings, a vibrantly unique way to bring mindfulness into the work day.

"the extremely difficult virtuoso techniques developed by expert performers find no parallel elsewhere."

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  1. $500 per hour, 3 hour minimum per day.

  2. Sessions run 60 minutes with 3 sessions scheduled for each day booked so that employees have multiple time options to fit into their schedules. We suggest > 10:30-11:30am, noon to 1pm, and 1:30 to 2:30.

  3. Didgeridoo concerts promote Effortless mindfulness which increases concentration, creating enhanced productivity.

  4. Each hour includes a 10 minute mindfulness intro, 40 minutes of Didgeridoo, and 10 minutes of integration time to return to work recharged with a freshly oiled brain.

  5. Participants simply need to show up. While drop-ins are graciously welcomed, we have found that having the concerts on the internal scheduling system promotes attendance and provides important statistics on attendance that allows for us to solicit feedback on effectiveness and the continuing demand for our services.

  6. Most people notice enhanced relaxation, improved concentration,and decreased stress; with effects lasting throughout the day and night.

  7. We love to develop customized concerts, wellness offerings, workshops plus contribute to employee retreats, as well.

  8. Consider booking a series of wellness concerts, in advance, so you can chose the best day of the week for your organization, rather than fitting in around our bookings.

  9. Our corporate programs represent a 50% savings per employee over our standard group rate.