Embody Your Vision - a 4-week virtual workshop with

Deb Lange & Deb Helfrich

$92 pre-paid and $39 per session

Wednesday Eve US East Coast ~ Thursday am Australia

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“We will all inevitably take a serious fall in our process of leaping into the delightful chaos of life.
Feel the hurt, chose to heal, and listen for what might arrive next.”
— Deb

It all started when...

Deb H went through a mid-life crisis that comprised ending a relationship, health challenges, financial insecurity, and a truly difficult time starting a new business.

But there was a great deal of wisdom within that was ready, willing, and able to guide me into what was next. I simply had to learn to quiet my suffering, voice my crazy and seemingly impossible dreams, and reaching out to the world and share.

Join us for an intense journey into the delightful realm of what you know to be true and how to capture the whispers so that you can stand strong in the world, asking for what you desire. I prefer the magic of impromptu conversations, when we can really uncover those hidden yearnings. That stuff stays buried in the more formalized trainings, because we stay in the mind and cordon off the heart.

Schedule right now, before your inner critic can convince you now is not your time, you don't actually know what you want, or what you want is simply impossible given the current state of the world.

None of these objections are true.

We can show you how to live via your inner truth.