Mindfulness & Healthy Body Image

This is the first in a series of E-Learning Events in which we explore the impact of Mindfulness Meditations and Guided Imagery on some of Life's Most Challenging Aspects.

Led by Shawn Quinlivan, of Cathexis Therapeutic Imagery

Facilitated by Deb Helfrich of Insights Occur

Held on July 19, 2017 5pm PST/8pm EST   ~   $79

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Components of this Event


A Live Small Group e-learning webinar ~ 75 minutes

The main feature of this bundle of resources is a live webinar recorded on the Zoom platform that will compromise a short initiation into Mindfulness, discussion about the power of a Food Diary combined with Mindful Journaling,  a Q&A discussion with the participants including current state & intended goals, PLUS a 20 minute Guided Meditation, recorded for repeated usage, that will incorporate elements from the discussion into a deeply experienced process for bringing Mindfulness and the power of the subconscious to bear on a healthier, more resilient body.

It is recommended that participants build listening to the 20 minute Guided Meditation on a consistent basis into their schedule and also regard it as an alternative to surrendering to impulsive urges contrary to good health.

Mindfulness Resources Bundle - 5 additional recordings to enhance your daily mindfulness practice

√     3 Guided Meditations (From Our Series Guided Meditations For Mind, Body & Spirit)

√     2 Inspirational Exercises (From Our Series Mindfulness Moments)

Video ~ The Dynamics of a Healthy body image

A recording to watch repeatedly to help you root out the many fears that may be affecting your eating and exercise habits.

Including a mindfulness moment that can be a fantastic resource to turn to when contemplating a treat.


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ONGOING EMAIL/CHAT Support among participants

If you want to opt-in, one of the best ways to stick with a habit is with a supportive team cheering you on. We've intentionally kept this event small, so that anyone who wishes can share their email for ongoing support to make all the choices that lead to a healthy body image.

Outcomes of this Program