My Life’s Work?

Create a movie to move the conversation on RACE from dividing us, to uniting us.

LONDOLOZI: the movie, answers the question: "So, beyond dividing us - what can skin color MEAN or DO or TEACH us that UNITES us? Because having melanin IS a fundamental aspect of being human.
Physiologically, skin color simply indicates the optimal LATITUDES of our terrain. As long as the Earth and Sun stay related at this distance, HUMANS will remain born with a wide range of skin tones.

Let's LEARN how to deal with it.

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 I deal in the astounding possibilities that arise when we learn to use our own thinking equipment.

Every person who heals themselves today - body, mind, and soul - sets the next generation on a more enlightened course, because you will no longer have to unconsciously play out your wounds via behavior that hurts other people.

As a Wellbeing Philosopher, my focus is on how our contemporary thoughts, beliefs, and actions surrounding health have gone so wrong - resulting in a Wellbeing Crisis of immense global proportions. For not just humans, but all life on planet Earth. To fix this incredibly complex problem, we all must take charge of our own thinking about what is truly right and wrong within our own human organism. To pretend we are not an integrated being with mind, body, and soul interacting in astoundingly intimate and complicated ways, is to give up on thriving by simply choosing to numb ourselves to the phenomenal joy of living a flourishing life.

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Click to learn more about Corporate Workshops & Keynote Speaking Engagements

As a philosopher, I know that consciousness is the most important frontier our species has ever tried to explore. And at this historical point of exponential change, if we do not actively pursue an agenda that treats our interconnectedness as a foundational principle, we are on a course to self-extinct.
— Deb Helfrich