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Businesses that create empowering, secure, and collaborative environments create a win~win~win effect throughout their own profit margins & among the communities that their employees live in.

A simple change in daily conditions, such as feeling valued & respected at work can change many lives - even the planet at large.

We re-humanize our workplaces, decision by decision, by practicing Mindfulness.
— Deb


I deal in the astounding possibilities that arise when we learn to use our own thinking equipment.

As Director of Strategic Partnerships for the Mindfulness E-Learning Solutions division of Cathexis Therapeutic Imagery, I believe that embedding mindfulness into each of our workdays is a core component of staying productive and flexible, while we combat the ever-increasing stress of getting it all done.


How can I help you bring mindfulness to your workforce?

The Netflix culture ‘deck’ is an example of guiding principles that are the way forward to creating work environments that truly are human-centric and allow pure human ingenuity to suffuse not merely the internal culture of a company, but also to create loyal customers.

People want their actual needs to be respected by companies, they do not want to be bombarded or marketed aggressively into superficial wants.

If employees are unleashed from structural confinement, they will surface the true needs of customers, because their will be no artificial line that divides when we play the role of employee and how we behave in our ‘real’ lives.

Mindfulness training is how we all take back our power.
— Deb Helfrich