Healing Sound

After a post of full frontal honesty, nothing clears the mind like clearing the mind. My journey with Tibetan Bowls started around a dozen years ago. I had recently moved into the apartment that provided me with the life-affirming views that I often use as header images, as shown above. Right in the next block was a small little office of a massage therapist. I went in because I had been sleeping on hotel beds for four months up and down California, Oregon, and Washington and my neck was crying for attention.

She loosened me up for around 10 minutes and then said I am going to place something on your back.

That something was the most profound healing tool I have yet encountered.

A Tibetan bowl.

My mind cleared out immediately from that first gong. The sound itself seems to vibrate at whatever frequency is needed to flatline my monkey brain.

For me, this absence of thought, creates bliss. A sojourn with my pure being.

But not only is the sound perfectly calibrated, but when the bowls are placed on your body, you can feel the soothing vibrations. It is heaven on earth.

I lost Georgia to the Peace Corp, but what she brought into my life via bowls has been priceless.

The preeminent master of Tibetan Bowls is Karma Moffett. In many ways, this is the soundtrack of my life:


I have purchased two bowls directly from Joseph Feinstein : http://www.himalayanbowls.com/


I also often return to the five minute video recorded by one of my local massage practitioners who incorporates sound and bowls fully into her own blend of sound healing.


I utterly recommend listening to the sample of her work – start with the video in the middle of the page.

Finally, there is a free download of a 7 minute chakra tune-up audio by Jonathan Goldman that I recommend highly. I was just commenting about it and realized that I had been using this religiously during a period that should have been full of fear, but actually was full of acceptance and trust. Ultimately, everything turned out brilliantly. A home, love, and meaningful work filled my life in very unexpected and very illogical ways. Hindsight being a great perspective, I remember that I used this 7 minute audio routinely. It is time for me to bring this simple tool back into my daily rotation. I'd love to hear from others who may be up for trying out this experiment with me.



I challenged myself to publish every day in July 2017. So far, so miraculous!











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A Deeply Felt Testimonial for Cyndi Wilkins

A Deeply Felt Testimonial for Cyndi Wilkins

The simple act of caring for someone, their pain, listening to what they need to say, is not often part of the lives we live today.

When this capacity is bundled within someone with a talent for massage, therapeutic results skyrocket.

I urge everyone to consider surrendering to the powers of massage with Cyndi. You just may be joyously surprised at what else will unfurl in your life.

A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time

This book was a very strong instigator of the way I have played the game of life. I am not afraid of inquiring about the mysteries surrounding our existence. I feel it a privilege to dwell in the uncertain and unknown. And I find it a gift to be able to bring just a sliver more clarity to the extent of what is truly possible, when we unleash our minds to travel each day, open to being WONDERSTRUCK!

You Are the Expert in You

You Are the Expert in You

My best work comes in reflecting back to each person the answers they have within themselves. Being well is the foundation for living the life you are meant to live. It allows you to be who you are and do the work that sustains you and gives back to the world.

I will share a way of thinking about your bodymind complex as an integrated whole. A way to make small decisions in life that trend you toward wellness, not dis-ease.

Puppy Pointers

Puppy Pointers

Remember that your puppy considers a wide range of items edible that you cannot imagine they would. You need to really sit on the floor and ask yourself what is small enough to be swallowed – those things must be conscientiously put on higher ground. Then find the things that are small enough to be chewed into pieces that could be swallowed. Or are handled a lot by you, especially when you might have been eating.

Do You Underestimate Your Dog?

Do You Underestimate Your Dog?

I have a lot to say about dogs. Which is highly curious since the reason I share my life with a dog is precisely because of the wordless communication that fills my introverted soul. I love Zanzi. So much so, I had to write a book about our rather tumultuous early relationship. As I wrote that book, I did a lot of reading. For a long time, these wonderful canine beings who shared our homes weren't career-making research subjects. But lately this has changed. One of my favorite books of all time was written by a neuroscientist who became the first to MRI his own dog, Callie, who he trained to be able to enjoy getting in the machine with treats:

Life – A User's Manual

Life – A User's Manual

One of the most important skills I have found I possess is my ability to observe and pay attention. I am mostly so enrapt at the bounty of what I see, hear, and listen to that I would love to be rich enough to dedicate my life to the art of being a flâneur.What strikes me as improbable, very fragile, and profoundly uncomfortable is that most of us embark on a similar programme of non-historical purposes, only without the means of wealth, we would just call it a career.

The Commenting Philosopher

The Commenting Philosopher

It makes me proud to have created a little slice of the internet where people could feel like there was an easy way to start to change the opportunities that are possible in their lives.

For me, writing this post brought me a fabulously supportive network and a chance to become a virtual entrepreneur, making a living from being a kind, generous, and thoughtful person outside of cubicle captivity.

Join me in this revolution!