What is a Personal Wellbeing Narrative?

What is a Personal Wellbeing Narrative?

My niche is helping unwell people create a coherent narrative so that they can communicate precisely with medical practitioners of all sorts. I firmly believe that unresolved trauma, especially in people who haven't realized they were traumatized, creates a rift in the bodymind that produces a tendency to manifest certain diseases in reliable patterns until the suppressed trauma is resolved.

1st Things 1st ~ Optimize Your Oxygen Intake

“How much air should we breathe for optimum health? Wouldn’t it be fair to surmise that air, even more important than food or water for human survival, must also meet basic requirements?

The quantity of the air you breathe has the potential to transform everything you thought you knew about your body, your health, and your performance. What if healthy breathing habits were just as important as healthy eating habits in fostering maximum fitness - or, in fact, even more so?”