Primal Pet Foods - Amazingly Nutritious Dog Food

I am passionate about dog food!

I write quite a bit in my book about my journey in learning how to feed my dogs the best possible species-appropriate diet. But I will cut right to the chase – giving your dog the best possible food is something you can do right now. I love this food so much, I will stop random strangers and read out the ingredients. I have been feeding Primal Pet Foods since 2009. I have used almost all of the varieties – even giving my dogs the Feline Chicken and Salmon formula in order to keep a rotation of ingredients. I use the frozen and the freeze-dried versions – depending on my current living arrangements.

I can identify each and every ingredient in this food with a snapshot of the ingredient list shown to the left. And while I cannot say I eat many organs, my dog needs to and she enjoys them immensely. There are so many healthy things that we all want more of in our diet.

Zanzi would love to encourage you to do research on how to provide the healthiest diet possible to your dog.