~ My mission is to banish job interview dread and overwhelm.

Interviewing is a skill and you just need to practice.


WHAT I DO: I coach professionals who are tired of feeling like they have to lie to get a job offer. I mentor you 1-on-1 in "game-time" interview conditions - having a verbal conversation with a stranger. Together we will craft interview answers that demonstrate the skills you have to offer but will never leave you feeling "icky."

Don't ever give away your expertise to some silly list of questions.

Personalized Job Interview Coaching

Job Interview Practice Sessions

Astute Listening & Actionable Feedback

Confidence Building

If you are searching for a job, I would love to assist you in your interview preparation.

~ My job is to help you get the job.

Coaching & Mentoring FAQs                More About ME

As a seasoned software consultant, my best work occurs when I get on a phone/video call to focus on helping someone else formulate the right questions to ask ~ before they start focusing on the right answers.

I consistently deliver the ability to deeply understand what the person needs to solve their own problems. The experience of working with me allows people to feel that they finally have been able to say something they knew all along, but found difficult to express.

Plus, I always energize my clients with enthusiasm for the next steps on their journey

I spent 18 years working in large corporations on payroll software. I demonstrated an expert ability to generate solutions quickly, within the parameters of the vast Federal, State, and Local tax regulation landscape; while meeting the needs of the entire workforce of the company.

Now I have turned this analytical prowess and ability to create insights from within constraints, into the force behind my intuitive and supportive nature, to focus on working with individuals on Business Strategies, Entrepreneurial Ideas, and Job Interview Preparation.

I truly look forward to helping you find your own right answers.

In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.
— Yogi Berra
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