Click to read my full article about attending the conference

Click to read my full article about attending the conference

Seeking consciousness collaborators!

I am on the verge of a zen-like, yet fiercely energetic, becoming ~ launching a thriving career as a Wellbeing Philosopher ~ let’s interconnect.

I know how to help you evolve past any sort of stuckness or impasse using evolutionary logic. Reach out to discuss hiring me as your Consulting Philosopher. I love solving a wide range of challenges, because as a synthesizer, the more diverse the data inputs, the more accurate we can be in finding the vector of the most promising next step.

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Click for booking information

In addition to my corporate workshops & speaking engagements, I am actively interviewing open-hearted Hollywood/multimedia agents/managers who want to work with an entirely new oldcomer, ready to take apart all of our sacred cows based on ignorance. Racism, corporate hegemony, and the terrible track records of Homo Sapiens when it comes to having the Big Brains that are supposed to be stewarding all life on Earth are my top three priorities.

As a Wellbeing Philosopher, I have a lot of evolutionary stories to write, tell, and illustrate through cinematic tension that point to better contextualization as the key to using our human thinking equipment at full capacity. Here’s the top three projects that I am seeking representation for:

1) I’ve got a wide-release movie in the pipeline that demonstrates that racism is idiocy. This is a ready-to-produce full-length treatment out to a well-known producing team. Since it is under review, if you would like to see the Executive Producer’s Summary, please contact me ASAP and I will send you a link to the details. Exciting stuff!

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2) At the IONS conference, I am focusing on the human potential market. I’m in the book proposal stage of a paradigm-shifting book on my philosophical hypothesis of bio-electricity with the catchy and very sell-able title ~ “Placebo Power to the People” This book follows in the footsteps of career-launchers like “The Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton, “Molecules of Emotion” by Candace Pert, “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” by Joe Dispenza, and most directly “Mind over Medicine” by Lissa Rankin.

I know that I will soon be able to take the stage with these luminaries at human potential conferences around the globe, perhaps as the successor to Dr. Pert. But unlike these doctors and scientists, I did not learn about the fabric of consciousness from advanced research. I learned through personal experience, processed philosophically.

That old trick of Socratic Dialogue is about to make a resurgence, Deb-style.

3) Plus, I am also working on a one-woman show stand-up routine about radical wellbeing insights. Delivered with huge energy, a lot of bluntness, and some fiercely loving humor. Think Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette, about being ill in America, alone, and invisible to Western diagnostic standards.

If you are looking to partner with someone destined to shake things into coherence with simple evolutionary stories that resonate with uncommon insights, dial my digits pronto. Very soon this space will direct you to my representation…. Be Well by Tuning Within!

Deb 202-487-7818