July 18, 2019

Dear IONS family of consciousness provacateurs,

I hope to work with many of you in the near future.

As a Wellbeing Philosopher, I am excited to contribute to an entirely new conversation about how to optimize being human with an integrated body, mind, and biofield. I truly believe that our spirit or soul is the emergent cloud of coherent electricity generated by our physical equipment and its interaction with the dense and limitless morphic fields surrounding us.

ions haven for curiosity.PNG

Consciousness research might explode if we can promote the idea that our bodies are instruments of consciousness. By ‘mechanizing’ the human experience into the musical instrument analogy, we can bring sound waves into the discussion which can lead to finding some commonalities and directions for pivoting research.

I am eagerly looking for Speaking, Writing, and Stand-up Performance gigs where I can share evolutionary stories through a Socratic Dialogue framework that enlightens us on how to move forward from all the chaos of our world and bodies through the philosophical hypothesis of bio-electricity.

I look forward to many fulfilling collaborations!


Deb ~ (202) 487-7818 ~ debhelfrich@gmail.com

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