May 30, 2019

Dear Cassandra, Dean, and all the IONS staff I hope to work with in the near future,

While preparing my cover letter and resume to apply for a position as a Science Researcher, an exciting vision popped into my mind and I believe that I can bring it to life, and that others will find it similarly captivating. Enough, that a series of podcasts and webinars featuring experts from radically different domains are brought together to have honest, challenging discussions, including civil disagreements in order to surface some commonality in the depths of their work that might be able to move humanity forward in some crucial way. Taking many of us along from either/or to both/and/plus.

ions haven for curiosity.PNG

The original team I wondered about having a conversation along these lines are Rupert Sheldrake and Robert Sapolsky.

Consciousness research might explode if these two biologists can find some commonalities and directions for pivoting research.

IONS could launch a TEDtalk-like series of dignified conversations, among disparate experts who are willing to explore, for the greater good, challenges and conundrums through the lens of their specialty, while exploring where the synergies might reveal new insights, or avenues for exploration.

I would like to join IONS to produce this series of really crucial conversations as part of the fundraising suite of IONS activities.

I think this might be a phenomenal concept and one that would start promoting the upcoming anniversary and the associated fundraising campaigns. These would be predominantly ‘webinar’ formats, but access live during recording would be, say $99, with an opportunity to take part in questions, or $50 for the recording. Perhaps some in-person events can be arranged at EarthRise (and as a perk for those creating retreat programs) also meant to be a constant stream of revenue as the talks are marketed for their own value and as an intro to IONS.

So whether I can best contribute to the Science or Funding arms of IONS, please pick me!

~Deb (202) 487-7818