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My dear college pal from Pittsburgh, I trust you are thriving! I’m so thrilled for & proud of your success!

Care to co-create a movie that uses the ‘factual’ superpower of melanin, both dark skin and redheaded freckles, to move the chaos of racism forward with a movie crafted to unite us all in a really cool, scientific way?

Interested in becoming a new sort of odd-couple demonstrating intersectionality in a creative partnership?


Want to give the world a movie where Africa, Botswana in particular, saves the world? I am plotting one right now…

Let’s catch up and workshop this concept > How can two protagonists on creative retreat at Londolozi Game Resort in Southern Africa open the world’s eyes about the value of both extremes of melanation? Perhaps even unlocking the key to other parts of our health chaos, as well. Ultimately, this film is meant to offer a concrete, factual tale of why & how we all depend on each other. Including why we need to save all of our animal and plant life to give this planet a fighting shot at remaining able to host us all - in all our beautiful skins - together in harmony.

Currently this LONDOLOZI project is 100% out of the public domain. I realized as the concept and story evolved that I owed you the right of first refusal to partner with me so that you can create a complex character who you want to portray as a human. Because who in the industry would offer you a chance to co-create the plot and design the leading man? Check out the link to the main production page….

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Reach out.

Love, Deb ~ (202)-487-7818


Treatment Nugget
The oppression of humans just because of different skin colors is precisely the brilliance-blindness that has Homo Sapiens on a raging pace to damaging the planet Earth so severely that we are courting our own self-destruction.
— Deb Helfrich