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 Londolozi LOGLINE :

While the world suffers from the economic peril of ‘all-Seasonal Sunlight Flu’ can a mid-life, mixed-gender, odd-couple, ‘partners in creativity’ duo - comprised of both extremes of skin color - uncover how melanin is the key to uniting humanity by observing that the redhead’s health improves drastically during a location scout at Londolozi in Southern Africa; if they can work with many disparate tribes to crack this conundrum, our pair might conduct a symphony of collaboration culminating in an African-original antidote for the global affliction of all-Seasonal Sunlight Flu.



THE FIFTH ELEMENT - but in a radically unexpected body - travels to the world of BLACK PANTHER, arriving in actual Botswana, not make-believe Wakanda, on A WRINKLE IN TIME journey where…

Science + Love saves human lives.  

But real life thickens this plot, as the 2nd lead protagonist is an old college pal and successful African-American Hollywood actor. Our duo journey to Southern Africa while the “all-Seasonal Sunlight Flu” starts to impact financial centers around the globe. As Sick Leave dissipates and productivity plummets, our pair, on creative retreat at Londolozi Game Reserve, discover evolutionary truths uniting equatorial-hued and arctic-hued humans that will update the world's conversations on racism, global warming, and how to recreate a life-centric biosphere on Earth, in order to reverse the destruction of industrialization.

LONDOLOZI aims to portray America as a state of regressive human progress, from the wellbeing angle, while Africa is poised to gain the world’s attention as the cradle of the next phase of civilization, unless the all-Seasonal Sunlight Flu antidote, collaborated on by hundreds of experts across Southern Africa, is given a chance to be demonstrated to a globe bathing in artificial light.

A message to Boyd, Bron, and the entire Londolozi family. I have felt a deep appreciation for the existence of a place I have only visited in my mind, through black words on white paper, bound together with love. Both extremes of color are necessary for the world that exists on Earth.
At every turn, as early as character development and into casting, why not make the audience curious about what aspects are real life and what aspects are fictional? This primes the unconscious of our audience into the more racially united future envisioned in LONDOLOZI.
Turns Out, racial harmony is not just fictional fluff.
— Deb

Deb’s Artistic Vision

This is one of those archetypal stories that required a whole 49 years to marinate, although the process of professionally observing how to be a filmmaker, from those whose work made me feel most alive, started around summer 2006, when I decided I needed to be a method screenwriter and get on-set experience. So I scrolled craigslist and got myself a PA job on a Zach Galifianakis film shot in the Seattle area, before anyone could have predicted his career. I bet many will look at my odds to be an Imagine Impact participant as even longer, but I know I’ve got a radically different, yet similar, capacity to show the world how well ‘odd’ bodies and minds can function.

The inspiration for setting this movie in an African-hued world comes from my college years at Carnegie Mellon, where I was introduced to the beautiful variety of humans, from across the globe. I owe a debt of gratitude to the many darker-skinned souls who looked within my outer shell, to engage with an outlier always searching for a tribe where she belonged. It was the process of understanding my unique experiences, as a redhead immersed in the African-American crowd on campus, that shaped this movie into a fable, within a superpowers tale, within a ‘making-of’ membrane.

I was searching for which of my stories to celebrate, when the perfect, completely unexpected co-lead protagonist of my old college pal Lamman Rucker turned out to be the most unimaginable pairing any movie-goer could expect.

Additionally, the Imagine Impact application process itself, ignited me to conceptualize the largest, most impactful movie possible, because baked right into the mission is a belief in storytelling as a collaborative art. Sure, I could sit around and create the screenplay from whole cloth; learning the grammar of screenwriting and the art of dialogue that invokes behaviors, thereby giving myself thousands of chances to doubt myself and, even worse, avoiding the hard work of finding collaborators.

But why not work with friends old and brand new, to shape and inform a film project that is as inclusive as can be right from the start, while brainstorming, before deciding the structure and getting the screenplay written. This sort of vision, and I think of Luc Besson and how he has explained the process of The Fifth Element coming to life, used to take decades by an auteur.

As the creator of Londolozi in 2019, I see myself as simply the catalyst - a match igniting a movie where many assumptions are challenged. Both the character in the movie, and myself as its creator during the Imagine Impact Accelerator, make the world confront a large, old, redheaded sore thumb, who has some surprising answers and a newly energized knack for igniting the change to a much more HUMANE world.

That starts with healing how we talk about skin color differences.

LONDOLOZI is both a real Game Reserve and the perfect fictional home-base of our protagonists as they intersect with African intelligence, racial harmony, the secrets of intrinsic human wellbeing, and the requirements that humans learn how to act responsibly as stewards of the Earth - for our own survival.

LONDOLOZI is both a real Game Reserve and the perfect fictional home-base of our protagonists as they intersect with African intelligence, racial harmony, the secrets of intrinsic human wellbeing, and the requirements that humans learn how to act responsibly as stewards of the Earth - for our own survival.

Deb and Lamman ~25 years ago while undergraduates at CMU

Deb and Lamman ~25 years ago while undergraduates at CMU


  • Let’s celebrate humankind’s many Everyday Evolutionary Superpowers - like skin color

  • America poisons both the failures and successes.

  • The toxicity of our thoughts on race, health, and wealth are blinding us to the immense amount of heart we all share, except when we are fearful for our survival.

  • Sunlight is good medicine ~ so is music, dance, and love.

  • There are many more flavors of love than just romance.

  • Even after a decade of chronic illness, the human body is capable of doing astounding things, in pursuit of health.

  • The canary in the coalmine parallel in 2019 are our Polar Bears on invisible ice - time we all WAKE UP!

Interest in this Project Ignites Heart-felt Emotions even while in Brainstorm Mode:

This is an impromptu recording of Rhoma Aaron, as a neighborly discussion about my upcoming movie project, brought emotion to the surface, demonstrating the concept is demanding a chance to get made.

Jo Jeffery - Devon, UK

Jo Jeffery - Devon, UK

I LOVE it Deb. What I can see in a brief second though is something completely ORIGINAL. Moreover, that will help move things forward. The world doesn't want action heroes anymore. Not really. Deep down, the biggest thing people are missing is connection. Just people haven't realized that yet. They know that the multi-tasking and the plastic lives aren't fulfilling. We HAVE moved on from that. Materialism and bullshit is OUT! It's on the way out anyway. What we don't have yet is clear messages from the media about what is going to replace that.

You have an absolutely brilliant story-line here that people can relate to. I love the mix of the real life ugly stuff of today's health and environmental crises with the class and beauty of the wild that still exists. I think Londolozi would make for an incredible place to film to make a movie that shifts a global conversation to the next level - AWESOME.

Support for Deb Helfrich and her upcoming feature film Londolozi: A movie about Uniting Extremes from Marcia Wiley a successful Glass Artist and Creativity Coach who has watched the process of Deb working and dreaming her visions into life for many years.

Comment from LinkedIn

Comment from LinkedIn



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All right, I took some creative license, as this is not a previously produced work, it is a work in active pre-production, so while I have yet to produce a full-length, collaborator-focused, creative project, please consider this example of my ability to bring a story to life on this screen. And also consider that my producer training occurred in spending 2 decades as a Software Consultant, Analyst, and Project Manager making sure money got transferred from the employer’s to employee’s bank accounts. Modern magic that matters mightily. And great training for doing things within rigid weekly deadlines that only occur when collaboration is queen.

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