Marcia Wiley creator of Wileyware

Sparklingly Unique Glasses Handmade in Seattle

Sparklingly Unique Glasses Handmade in Seattle


It all started when...

I decided to join an Artist's Way class to expand my life. Marcia was a profoundly creative influence. That was over a decade ago. We've partnered in a number of ways, on many projects and I am proud of the growth of her business and all the ways I've been able to lend my talents to support her along her fantastically unique entrepreneurial journey. She is the epitome of someone making a LifeStyle business that truly works.

A few of the projects we've worked on:

  • Launching an updated Squarespace site to promote her special Glass of Comfort
  • Project Planning to launch a gateway glass to sell on Amazon to attract a wider audience of buyers
  • Improvements to her studio space to entice buyers and streamline the process of purchasing glassware.
  • Utilizing feedback generated as part of a Graduate seminar in Marketing held by a local sustainable business program.