6/19 ~ Just 10 weeks after I created a drastic improvement in the electrical conductivity of my body & biofield, which led to the power and energy to lead the life locked inside me for 50 years.

6/19 ~ Just 10 weeks after I created a drastic improvement in the electrical conductivity of my body & biofield, which led to the power and energy to lead the life locked inside me for 50 years.

Hi, I’m Deb and I lost my 40s to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) initiated through profound grief, that reignited chronic childhood developmental neglect. These emotional wounds cemented into serious life-threatening dysfunction via a mold-exposure.

In order to heal, I had to learn a whole new way of understanding consciousness, being human, and how to optimally ensure the wellbeing of our human bodies. When we see our BODIES as instruments of consciousness. Our job as humans is to learn to play our instrument, keep it in tune, and importantly, consider it the ultimate arbitrator of truth, as we respect its commands wholeheartedly.

When we learn about my philosophical hypothesis of bio-electricity, we will eradicate the scourge of the immense dysfunction of our contemporary chronic diseases based on stress/emotions PLUS a serious lack of understanding surrounding the homeodynamic optimization of our bio-electricity system.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a serious to life-threatening autonomic reaction to environmental/near-in atmospheric conditions of which we are rarely consciously aware. MCS is when we have neglected to heed the body for so long, it refuses to stop alerting us of the extensive damage occurring to our HOMEODYNAMIC BALANCE and COHERENCE. Current biochemical models simply cannot keep up with the constantly changing barrage of new toxins, pollution, and stress that modern life serves all of us.

Those of us who are the redheads in the coalmine have very low bio-electrical conductivity in our electrical matrix - the messages of alarm get deadened and our body throws stronger and stronger messages at us. To efficiently induce healing, the first step is optimizing your bio-electricity matrix - both your fascia internally and your biofield surrounding your body - the electrosmog or magnetic field that radiates your brain and heart waves.

Fascia health determines the percentage of afferent and efferent messages conducted through our nervous system that can get delivered. When one circuit doesn’t complete, that is business as usual. MCS is a disorder of lack of communication and conductivity resulting in ever-increasing alarms - gazillions of them - totally ignored through uncompleted delivery. The redundancy systems of the biochemical processes are severely taxed and showing major dysfunction at this point - nothing in our bodies is synching up to support vibrant health.

My childhood social interaction was spacious enough that I never needed to prune the neurons of my high sensory capacity to monitor the safety of my biofield - the 6 foot torus of near-in atmosphere that represents the air we will breath in the next 90 to 180 seconds. We can sense if it is toxic (those of us who still nose-breathe do) but not being socially-securely-attached; I retained a clear bi-directional circuit that accurately identifies the overwhelming signals from my body to flee. And with research I see my body accurately assessing substances like polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) which are carcinogenic micropollutants resistant to environmental degradation due to their highly hydrophobic nature. Concerns over their adverse health effects have resulted in extensive studies.

Please support my work so that I can highlight how Homo Sapiens created our own health crises through the process of rampant industrialization led by the capitalistic greed foisted on all of us I use the term bio-electricity specifically to indicate the theorems I have created under my life’s work of Wellbeing Philosophy.

The range of responses to the life-altering pollution we all deal with will ultimately be shown in the data to be the variety in an individual’s bio-electricity capacity. Most of us simply say energy, yet many skeptics insist energy medicine is a scam. Nope, electrical energy medicine unites all properly coalesced and implemented CAM modalities. The reason they have a much higher efficacy than our current Western medical paradigm is simple. The biochemical pathways are the redundancy system of the intelligence system of all life - the bio-electricity matrix. The brain and heart are our bodies instrument of consciousness and metronome generating each individual’s unique response to the zillions of sensory, afferent messages of life, so that they may create & send an efferent response.


  1. Sleep - MCS requires immense amounts of sleep to deal with pollution overload. Sleep is the way our body naturally turns down the power being drawn by our sympathetic nervous system in order to redirect energy to healing. Read this book to truly understand our sleep crisis and how crucial sleep is for anyone with MCS > Dr. Matt Walker: Why We Sleep > https://www.sleepdiplomat.com/author

  2. Fasting - 3 important metabolic processes make fasting truly the central part of my healing recipe, since most Americans simply will not be able to get the sleep their body demands, for financial reasons. Fasting releases toxins stored in fat, turns on autophagy - the waste management system of the brain/body, and sets up conditions for stem cell proliferation. Like sleep turns off a large percentage of sympathetic nervous system environmental monitoring (See an explanation for nightmares? Near-in environmental triggers getting through the thalmic gate normally closed shut as we descend to delta brain waves. If you are environmentally sensitive, it is likely your brain will not power down as completely as needed) By fasting and removing the eustress of digestion, we are turning off the high metabolic demands of processing food, which allows our body to allot far more energy to healing - a circuit of removing the waste and creating brand new cells that will be more robustly able to deal with the toxic load of contemporary pollution.

  3. Bodywork - There are 3 intertwined components of getting your body fit for optimal bio-electricity conductivity.

    A) Seek out a fascia informed massage practitioner as they will address blockages in your physiology. For DIY healing right now - touch yourself with loving purpose - EVERYWHERE. Especially the bits you aren’t proud of. Your body is ignoring them right along with you.

    B) Get your posture aligned - with a neutral spine as your target. The bandwidth of your bio-electricity pipeline is incredibly crucial. For DIY help right after you click, get started reorienting your posture to our ancestral standard > www.gokhalemethod.com To optimally conduct electricity, you must work within the natural structure of all the mechanical elements of our body > bones, tendons, fascia, fat, muscles and the spinal cord’s ability to transmit the zillion nerve impulses powering your day.

    C) Dance - do not pass Go without understanding we are meant to move, dynamically, every day. To be fully alive, exercise CANNOT just be repetitive motions assisted by machines. To keep functionality, you must go through the full range of motion of your body matrix on a consistent basis, especially as you age.

  4. Tuning Forks - They are musical/medical tools that Teach You How to Balance Your Own Complex Harmony of Health

    A) Distance recorded sessions. For any MCS suffer in excruciating pain due to scent molecules - purchase this $40 - 3 hour recording > https://biofieldtuningstore.com/collections/audio-sessions/products/thyroid-rhythm-reset There are many other useful sessions and you will have a personal recipe based on your life experiences and personal health history. Do consider also purchasing the recording on Fascia, EMF, or any others that your body is curious about experiencing.

    B) Visit a Tuning Forks practitioner or read the book explaining the modality Go to www.BiofieldTuning.com founded by Eileen Day McKusick. Acutonics is also a prominent modality that I recommend. If your body is most compromised, select acutonics, if your problems are primarily mental/emotions choose Biofield Tuning.

    C) Learn to tune yourself DIY. (I am creating a book and will give performances in the future) Obviously there is lots to learn, but you cannot harm yourself and you will be surprised how any coherent signal, whatever the frequency of the fork, will become a sonar mirror for the body, reflecting which cells are vibrating incoherently, hence in a state of poor performance - ill health. Then your body entrains to the coherence, producing a more healthy vibration for compromised cells, organs, and even systems.

  5. Salt - It is crucial to optimize your electrolyte balance. Most Americans have been scared into a state of chronic low salt intake thereby depotentiating the capacity of the ion channels responsible for delivering messages across synapses. Magnesium, importantly, is far more crucial than sodium or potassium and make sure to not over supplement calcium - its role in the brain is far more dynamic every second than its bone role. When we look at a system or part of the body in isolation, we often trigger dysfunction that can cascade to other issues. Any Naturopath can sort out holistic electrolyte balance quickly.

  6. Cannabis - for those in legal states, every human has an endocannabinoid system which is part of our homeodynamic balance and the ‘high’ is simply the pleasure of a well-balanced body - which is a crucial component of optimized bio-electricity health. I thoroughly suggest, though, to avoid inhaling (smoking) cannabis choosing to ingest it, after infusing the herb in coconut oil. This sends this powerful medicine through the body via the digestive tract, rather than straight to the brain, modulating psychoactive results.

    PLEASE STOP TRYING TO CONTROL YOUR ENVIRONMENT. It is a losing battle making many others rich. OPTIMIZE YOUR BIO-ELECTRICITY. I am sitting here typing 10 feet from 2 breaker boxes - two level separate residences in the middle of a full deck remodel, house repainting, with the construction team living on-site upstairs, meaning work happens 7 days a week at non-standard hours. I can handle it all, because I learned how to stay in homeodynamic balance with my powerful bio-electricity capacity.

If I have offered you some insights, please support my work so that I can highlight how Homo Sapiens created our own health crises through the process of rampant industrialization led by capitalistic greed has foisted on all of us I use bio-electricity to indicate the theorems I have created under my life’s work of Wellbeing Philosophy.

A further note on the underlying theme of childhood trauma. Understanding your emotional pain is hard work, but it pays off in noticing when you are over-reacting, over-adapting, as these patterns give you clues on what to heal, through somatic re-experiencings. I was just thinking through the Biofield Tuning hypothesis of memories being standing waves of frequency stored in a reliable catalogue system called the chakras. Close to the body, the energy is dense, hard to affect with the forks, but it is easy to learn in a training class how to move incoherence at the outer edge of our biofield - where our earliest memories of conception, gestation, and birth are theorized to be stored.

This is the intersection of developmental trauma or neglect with unprocessed early emotional charges affecting the capacity of the autonomic nervous system to vigilantly monitor our local atmosphere for threats. The psychological concept of neuroses is probably how this goes haywire as grown adults start to exhibit helplessness in an area or areas of their life correlating with early life non-optimal experiences.

Further information on the philosophical hypothesis of Bio-electricity > https://www.insightsoccur.com/rbs-blog//organic-chemistry-step-aside-for-bio-electricity

This is 100% the proprietary intellectual hypothesis of Deb Helfrich. This is not medical advice. I am a philosopher offering new theorems for how to think about your health and some avenues to explore that are solely quality of life measures freely available to everyone.

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