You Are the Expert in You

My Mentoring Philosophy

Insights into the junction of consciousness & wellbeing

Sometimes all we need is a conversation to reinforce what we know to be true within ourselves.

There are an amazing range of experts in the world, and I admire them greatly. But what we are currently in dire need of are some generalists willing to look at problems holistically, across a broad range of solutions, often with an outside perspective, and usually starting with the simple solutions.

I started using this phrase - You Are the Expert in You - when I took a practical approach to self-employment as an interview coach. I found I was able to be very productive in interviews simply because I am comfortable with who I am, and how little I know, because my ability to learn, grow, evolve, and change is really what any employer is buying. I find the focus on the past in so many interviews to be perplexing. I find the lack of focusing on actual problem solving, as would be required in the role, perplexing. So I mentored people to not focus on what questions would be asked, but to focus on their own narrative of knowledge, abilities, skills, and interests. When you have that story down, you are prepared to answer any set of questions asked.

In the context of an interview, remembering that you are the expert in you is a crucial step in being able to interview well and secure your financial future.

This key concept is also vital when it comes to wellbeing. Your body comes equipped with lots of signals to help you make the right choices. The problems arise, though, in that a lot of the convenience of contemporary life sends stronger signals than the faint twinges and tweaks our body uses to object to something or the fleeting sense of wellness that arises when we treat our body in a healthy way.

We will spend our talking over techniques and strategies to help you remember how to find your own inner expertise.

It is my goal to bring out your own best inner wisdom.

Every session will be focused on you – not on me advocating for any specific remedy.

My best work comes in reflecting back to each person the answers they have within themselves.

 I will share a way of thinking about your bodymind complex as an integrated whole; help you challenge ideas and thoughts that may be keeping you stuck in your current less than well state; offer some simple, foundation guidelines for a holistic way of approaching your health; and direct you toward resources where you can do your own research for the approaches that are most sensible for you. All of this is simply an adjunct to your current healthcare regime or medical care.

A way to make small decisions in life that trend you toward wellness, not dis-ease.

Being well is the foundation for living the life you are meant to live. It allows you to be who you are and do the work that sustains you and gives back to the world.

 I look forward to igniting new hope within you to start or reframe your own journey into wellness.

My niche is helping unwell people create a coherent narrative so that they can communicate precisely with medical practitioners of all sorts. I firmly believe that unresolved trauma, especially in people who haven’t realized they were traumatized, creates a rift in the bodymind that produces a tendency to manifest certain diseases in reliable patterns until the suppressed trauma is resolved.

Having taken 9 years to pinpoint my infancy trauma, I now specialize in helping people whose lives are a mess but they are unable to pinpoint any traumatic experience that set them down this path.

I will help you uncover and write a personal narrative that separates the wheat from the chafe, so that you have a clear idea what medical practitioners in Western or complementary medicine will be most able to move you forward with strategies to regain a thriving life via optimal health.
— Deb Helfrich

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