E-Learning Solutions: Mastering Mindfulness®

A productive workforce is open to change, able to concentrate, and deal effectively with stressful situations.

How does your organization teach your workforce to be in optimal mental shape?

The Mastering Mindfulness®, e-learning portal created by Cathexis Therapeutic Imagery founder Shawn Quinlivan offers a video series specially crafted to teach employees at all levels of your company the tenets of mindfulness which lead to decreased emotional reactivity and susceptibility to stress and increased flexibility to change and ability to concentrate.

These unique exercises in listening are innovatively designed to help you quickly learn and immediately experience the profound benefits of mindfulness. These videos comprise a skillful blend of progressive relaxation techniques, story-based imaginative nature walks, and immersive sound healing atmospheres that gently influence brainwave patterns and facilitate rejuvenating experiences.

Spending 15 minutes during the workday to build a routine of listening to these videos will aid your workforce in learning the benefits of mindfulness throughout their work day and life.

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"We only asked for about 12 minutes a day" of mental training, Dr. Jha says.

Still, the results are promising, she says, in part because the commitment required was so slight.

Guided Meditations

Our guided mindfulness sessions are composed of three distinctive series, each of which sequentially incorporate successive elements that create a recipe for entrainment to the process that creates a quick change in brain states away from frenetic alpha waves to the more balanced and creative theta waves. Each video stands alone and contributes to the larger narrative of the series.  This quickens learning and invites the continued exploration of these exercises. Each mindfulness session is a calming yet imaginative inner journey, that recharges your employees to be ready to proceed with their tasks with renewed energy.


Mindfulness Moments

Our concise yet impactful mindfulness moments are designed to augment the experiences practiced in the guided mindfulness sessions. The brief 3 minute exercises are comprised of connective themes that combine directed breathing with inspirational imagery that focus your employees on being present for the task at hand.

We believe these are a creative way to initiate meetings that will increase concentration to the discussion at hand.

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Licensing The Mastering Mindfulness® Series

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The Mastering Mindfulness® portal is available for licensing to individuals and organizations. Pricing, subscriptions to new productions, and information about customizing an e-learning suite to your specific needs is available by contacting:

Deb Helfrich, Director of Strategic Partnerships

(818) 900-2557 or mindfulnesselearning@gmail.com


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