The Healing Pool – A Guided Meditation

Welcome to the second guided meditation from our Mastering Mindfulness® E-Learning series: Guided Meditations For Holistic Health. An invigorating purity of mind, body and spirit is visited in this meditative exercise. By releasing negative thoughts and emotions and immersing in positive energy, you invite a new and refreshed perspective.

If you are sitting, place your feet flat on the floor and your hands on your lap, palms up. If you are in a reclining seat or chair, assume a similar position with your hands but do not cross your feet. If you are on a couch, bed, or mat on the floor, it is best to prop your head up enough so that you are not fully reclined.

Deep measured inhales and exhales will bring your attention into the present moment and invite the state of inward awareness and calm to which you are becoming familiar. Do not be concerned if your mind goes its own way, you will still hear everything I say. Just come back to my voice easily and effortlessly by refocusing on your breathing.

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