Onsite Mindfulness Programs for Organizations invested in building optimal humans

Want to add an option to your wellness program and onsite amenities that demonstrates your organization cares about your employees as people, not just as profit-generating widgets? We offer a unique program of mindfulness onsite options that allow employees to recharge and refresh during the work day, learning techniques and skills that can be put to use throughout their lives.

Research shows that two of the most measurable outcomes of a practice of mindfulness is increased concentration and decreased susceptibility to stress. It is clear that this combination leads to improved productivity.

Our onsite mindfulness days are fully customizable and will center around offering your workforce the chance to drop-in to a conference room to participate in group screenings of our mindfulness videos. These videos are a way to tune into a professionally crafted mindfulness meditation that slows breathing and heart-rate. Enjoy immersive soundscapes and a narrative comprised around nature walks. These elements all combine to offer employees 15 to 20 minutes of alpha brain waves, scientifically shown to be where creativity, innovation, and deep relaxation occurs.

I invite you to take just 10 minutes to experience the video to the right and imagine the benefits to your workforce, if they could chose to experience this video rather than head to the vending machines when they needed a break to recharge.

Available in the Greater Seattle area, Deb Helfrich will set-up in a conference room with A/V capabilities and run three 20 minute sessions per hour. A minimum block of 4 hours is required and based on a 12 person conference room, you can provide access to nearly 150 employees. The program can include open Q&A sessions throughout the day and a randomized or scheduled screening of our 23 Mastering Mindfulness videos.

And while these high touch days of mindfulness are incredibly restorative, we built these videos to be licensed to organizations so that employees have always-on access to an impactful tool that will aid them in establishing a life-long mindfulness practice that will propel their work and career in numerous ways.

As a 20 year veteran HR Systems consultant, Deb is also eager to work with the wellness and benefits teams to implement outreach, monitoring, feedback opportunities, and reporting based on your organizations needs, to document the outcomes associated with providing employees a regular mindfulness practice.