Organic Chemistry, Step Aside for Bio-electricity

The new pivot in town is Organic Electricity.


I am poignantly serious. I truly believe that a vast swath of the problems we believe are intractable can easily move forward if we learn about bio-electricity. Just like there is Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. Totally alike, yet completely different. So, too, we have two parallel courses of Electricity. And this concept is soon to be the next internet-scale revolution - Organic Electricity.






We can quite literally use so many of the same terms that we use to talk about all waves on the electromagnetic spectrum, when we are describing electrical activity transduced by the human body - an instrument of consciousness. While ultimately, we might need a new term, not based on the electric-standard, however for all humans but the experts, I believe electricity is one force. It just does different things to inorganic cells versus organic cells.

I do not want to demote Chemistry entirely, it is a crucial redundancy plan for keeping us humans alive. Seriously. Think of your chemical body as the backup generator, except living organisms need these backup systems on 24/7 until we die. 

I chuckle to think biochem is so damn complex, because Ms Evolution knew we’d eventually try to reverse engineer and hack our systems. Think of the complex Kreb’s cycle, it is not just roller coaster complex, it is entire amusement park-in-a-ride complex. Complexity’s complex. Just to turn a simple glucose molecule into metabolic energy. Whew. So much energy expended to create energy to power human bodies.

But we are creatures who can turn on a pixel, in dynamically extreme ways. How does the lava flow speed of chemistry account for that? It doesn’t. We need some force that travels at the speed of sound, maybe even light.

Well since that is sort of the actual definition to ranges of frequency along the electromagnetic spectrum, we must start to really look at how Organic Electricity works.

Oh, wait, we know that our hearts and brains are electric. We have all those big, boxy diagnostic machines using many types of waves, even up into x-rays and radiation level intensity.

That is what defined our blindspot. 

Since the first Homo Sapiens, we have used the force of electricity generated by the sun to power our bodies into the ‘drive’ gear - the cruising speed is available to us based on how well we are conducting bio-electricity. These are the advanced options of being a human. Creative flow. Peak athletic performance. Ecstasy. Spiritual Oneness. Community Bonding. These activities that spark intense energy expenditure, require optimal electrical wiring.

And the analogy holds that our biochemical pathways are our lower gears. Essential daily functioning. When things go wrong electrically, we can survive, powering along in 1st thru 3rd gear, depending on how our wiring got compromised. But when our chemistry goes awry, the consequences are quite dire and our physiology demands we address the problem.

Addiction, if I may, is about needing to self-sort our chemistry, in order to get to a state we remember and crave of optimal electrical coherence.

Or we can just optimize our electricity matrix so that all of the trillions of circuits that comprise a human organism have the capacity to carry the charges that occur as we move and respond to our environment.

This philosophical hypothesis of bio-electricity is a complex way to make life simple again, for your own best interests. How we think about our health and our work has long ignored the most important component to thriving wellbeing. How well our bodies conduct electricity.

Instead of selling this knowledge in proprietary ways, I want to broadly share the how to think with evolutionary logic skills, so that we can all start from the next moment, onward to be the proper stewards of all life on Earth, as evolution designed us to be.

I can nestle your bespoke theme or topic into a fascinatingly new story about a very unique woman, who learned to appreciate every speck of life as part of her support network.

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The Reason Anxious People Often Have Allergies

“Two seemingly unconnected diseases, each affecting millions of Americans, could turn out to be not so different after all.”

“If you have allergies and anxiety,” says William Yao, an assistant professor of otorhinolaryngology at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, “and you ignore your allergy symptoms, it might be challenging to treat the anxiety.”


Post Prayer Body Philosophical Playing

‘Nuff Said

Here on the isle of Whidbey, many of us interconnect on Sunday at dance church. Prayer Body. Embodied Faith. And the place where I can dance for two hours straight, without shame, pain, or interferring thoughts, even though I DID NOT exercise for the last twenty years.

This tale and others are going to be a great one-woman show in the near future…..

Entertainment professionals - I am ready to be discovered. Just to explain how philosophy focused on human wellbeing and humane thoughts and actions can move us past our destructive chaos acculturated into contemporary life in stable democracies around the globe.

Elephants in Botswana

Recently read that Botswana is going to allow elephant hunting after a 5 year ban. Made me think of the excellent work of Allan Savory.

We should be smart enough to manage elephants, to help us stop the desertification of Africa. Elephants provide crucial grazing & terrain-bulldozing services. A little planning, a lot of patience, and we can utilize their intelligence rather than obliterating it.

It seems that there is a new president who is rescinding Ian Khama’s ban on elephant hunting because in rural areas such as the Okovango delta, humans and elephants collide. The human’s much worse for the interaction. And while it is mostly property destruction and crop decimation, some humans do die.

So those of us far away cannot impose our own sense of morality. Especially since we only know of elephants safely captive in zoo diaramas.

My thoughts are that it is ridiculous to kill elephants, when we can harness their intellect.

Their roaming and grazing lifestyles, if adequately directed, can help reverse the overwhelming tide of desertification caused my monoculture industrial agriculture practices. Land become arid and lacking nutrients when we don’t rotate crops to allow for nature to restock the top soil.

And by nature, I mean manure. Trampled on. And tilled in by living, grazing creatures.

Elephants not only fit that bill, their size ensures they roto-till far more than most mammals.


Be certain to see some depiction of this dilemma and my suggested resolution in my upcoming feature film.

Reach out to lend your support.


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Infancy Trauma ~ An impossible to remember start, slightly off-kilter

Thanks Leckey Harrison! >

It is sort of funny. We all have mental images of trauma. Horrible things. But what about some dimension of life we all go through, an experience we have all gone through, I guarantee it. Birth. That seems awfully painful to go through as the birthee, although we never hear from the emerging side of the process.

Because of course, we cannot hear about it first hand, as there is no language capacity in the being undergoing this journey.

Nor is there any capacity to form the sorts of thoughts we’d understand if talk came that early. Only rudimentary capacity has developed at that juncture.

But if something goes wrong. Well, the rest of life proceeds from that first impact.

My experience was slightly later, based on the print-out of my life, my body, and it focuses on being overfed, right from the start.

The formula worked. I was a factory farmed human.

But I lived in an age when I had access to bleeding edge science. And I worked my ass off, learning how to heal the root cause of the stuff that went wrong for 49 years of my life. It was not quite like the dysfunction that we typically associate with trauma, but it nearly killed me at mid-life, as the overall state in my body when I unexpectedly moved into a moldy apartment, precisely mimicked the helplessness and lethargic aspect of my infancy. And my body started commanding me to do what it did to avoid pain at the start.

Go back to sleep until the environmental conditions are more conducive to others paying proper attention to what I am trying to convey.

When this state hit as an adult, all I did was battle against it. For years. But when I leaned in, TUNED WITHIN, and let the intuitions surface, I found myself learning about Somatic Re-experiencing from Peter A, Levine and the movement, tremoring, bodywork, and dancing I needed to do eventually all moved me forward into a nervous system state where I can now become the person locked inside for so long.

Thoroughly recommended

Thoroughly recommended

Fixing One Crisis, Worsening Another

Here is the thing > we are at the end of peak agriculture just as much as we are at the end of peak animal factory farming. Just switching those pets with similar digestive tracts to plant-sourced protein is not a long-term sustainable solution, as what LAND is newly becoming arable, for dogfood crops when most of the farm land is already in danger of becoming dessert as I type?

People Need Jobs ~ Let's Upgrade the Recruiting Process

People Need Jobs ~ Let's Upgrade the Recruiting Process

All these sweet-talking humane workplace folks are sincere, yet they still allow the places they work for to obfuscate the salary getting paid and require endless hours of pro bono resume writing, applying, networking.  Like we are all getting a 'universal basic income'. AMERICA, no one applies for a job if they don't need an income. Stop all this double talk, triple standards and let's just hire people because they need work.