Dear Rupert, I trust that I will be able to speak with you briefly at the IONS conference, and I want to follow-up with an ask for some mentorship on how to connect with the right people to launch a career as an applied Wellbeing Philosopher. After reading your books and following your work for years, I believe I know how to talk on a practical level about morphic fields and epigenetics - using my life experiences as an Outlier & Redheaded Black Swan to illustrate in human terms how crucial so many invisible ‘atmospheric’ conditions are to our homeostasis.

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In a nutshell, I experienced prolonged, yet very subtle, childhood emotional neglect that sealed my fate, after either birth trauma or some early days reaction to powdered formula that made me entirely avoidant-attached. I led a life that is one in seven billion worth talking about. Right from the top, my redheadedness is a 2% characteristic - then my weight - always being the heaviest - that is another 2% characteristic. And finally, it emerged that I developed analytical prowess of the same rare proclivity, scoring in the top 3% in the logic category on the test to enter graduate studies in America.

Within an extremely unique physiology, I possess a mind that excels at synthesizing from the bleeding edge, and collaborating with the brightest. I just want a chance to put my story and the resulting hypotheses out in a reputable way. On my own, in isolation, I ended up putting together a recipe quite like the one I just found out you outline in ‘Ways to Go Beyond…”

However, it is only now, during these last few months, that I have the chance to live the life stuck within me, because the lack of potential in my community of origin bounded what I could accomplish. With no emotional charge, I see that no adult really could have guided me, as it took my highly specialized self 50 years to come to grips with how to be me.

But I know I can reach so many in our tech-addicted and health-compromised world and teach them how to pivot through my story. Because it was so much more than doing it my way, it was learning from radical sources on the bleeding edge of the evolution of human knowledge. I did not consult a doctor, or take a pill, or have a surgery, or consult counselors, therapists, or life coaches. I slept and ate my way to enlightenment. I have an insider’s life worth of stories on why the Buddha was fat, smiling, and isolated. Take apart these qualities through an evolutionary-story lens and watch a metamorphosis: having excess nutrition, enough for long periods of hibernation, allows a human to have much more daily, on-command access to our subconscious. And also her biofield and its many environmental sensors - the crux of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and perhaps many other chronic conditions.

Why I need your help, is that when environmental conditions provide a human like me with a constant threat, those subconscious alarm bells (prominent and invisible in most chronic conditions, now that I have pondered my hypothesis for awhile) take away a human’s ability to earn money in the toxic, polluted, inhumane world of corporate America. I am searching for support in launching my right livelihood, being a Wellbeing Philosopher who writes and speaks and promotes synthesis of science in order to learn how to evolve, right now, into an upgraded model of human - one who understands that consciousness - life itself - must be at the heart of every single decision from now on. Otherwise, we will self-extinct in a few decades.

I am proud to start speaking out about being one of the first humans to proclaim, ‘I am ill because of global warming.’

A redhead in the coalmine of America in 2019.

A polar bear on invisible ice.

I need mentors who I trust, to help me figure out how to talk as a human who is exhibiting the truth of your theories. Who can demonstrate strategies on how to make use of the knowledge you’ve shared so openly.

Please reach out. I would be honored to have you as a wise mentor who can help me strike the balance between challenging assumptions, while soothing all fears of woo-woo, mind control, nonsense. I believe all you old white men, need a redheaded catalyst, ready to take the baton from Candace Pert, to talk about human potential as it radiates from a female physiology.

Profound Gratitude,

Deb > 202-487-7818

Here is a message of support from a friend and new mother. Help me help this lovely baby inherit a better world and many more options for her to pursue her own unique right livelihood.

Uploaded by Melissa Hefferman on 2019-07-10.