What is a Soulpreneur Strategist?

Consider Me Your Freelance Partner, Ad-hoc Strategist and Senior Advisory Member of Your Board of Directors

I consult globally with soulpreneurs on a variety of strategic projects.

My Unique Value Proposition:

I deal in the astounding possibilities that arise when we learn to use our thinking equipment.


The key distinction between my Generalist approach and choosing to work with an expert in the niche of your problem is a key word – partnership. I want to build long term-relationships with visionaries creating businesses that heal.  I want to be someone you can turn to again and again, through all stages of the growth and development of your business.

If you know exactly what you need then chose someone who does that. But if your biggest need is a board of directors level adviser, who can also make things happen, then let's converse and dream and scheme and achieve. The single thing most small business owners crave is someone to share their trials, tribulations, successes, and most importantly questions and tasks with.

I will invest my heart and soul in your work. And from this investment, it will be easy for me to figure out any specifics that are needed to make things happen.

If I told you I'd do a specific thing, that would be all you could expect. But I deal in astounding possibilities, the occasional risk of being stalled, the time investment to muddle through, and the energy of being able to use these small failures to make a revolution occur as the partnership slides into gear.


Let's work together to ensure your ongoing success.


I spent my career being the liaison between IT and HR. Helping two groups of notoriously different people communicate effectively while building efficient strategies, processes, and software tools.

Now, in my second act, my mission is to be the liaison between those floundering in the corporate structure and the soulpreneurs who have the answers & healing touch needed to bring us all into vibrant aliveness.

I practiced this craft to great success, commenting thoughtfully across LinkedIn and beBee, creating a worldwide community of like-spirited people, eager to connect with others over conversations that matter.

I offer my skills in deep listening, considered analysis, and ground-breaking insights via webcam to people and groups all over the world.

My little zone of genius is most easily described as being a uniqueness whisperer. I lead by listening and observing fully. Searching for the underlying problem or question. Then I refuse to rush in to fill the silence. I marinate over my responses. Questioning, until I arrive at something relevant to say.


Why work with me? The world is changing, rapidly. Right now, the small-minded, profit seeking side is winning.


It is our destiny, as free thinking people, to contribute to a sustainable world. We hurt ourselves when we make short-sighted, profit-centric decisions and take actions that do not benefit the common good.


People within the system don't know what to do, or how to develop the strength to stand alone. The people working to heal the world tend to be marginalized, because they are breaking the status quo.

I am the conduit between those who don't know how to proceed and those who are offering services and support to return us to human beings, rather than robotic human doings.

There most certainly isn't a job title for what I do. I identify most strongly with being a think tank. For individuals, groups, corporations, I am the person to come to when you aren't even sure you are asking the right questions. Once those questions are made evident, I work hard to provide new avenues toward answers. Finally, I provide inspiration and often hands-on support to continue along the path to a world-changing outcome.

A few of my skills:

An Insight Connoisseur ~ Able to Extract the Simplicity right past Complexity

Uniqueness Whisperer

Always Searching for the WIN-WIN-WIN solution benefiting the widest good

A Devil's Advocate for proper yet efficient planning ~ weighing risks with rewards

Astute Listening Expert ~ I listen for what you intend past what you say

Cherisher of Awe & Champion of Both/And

Facilitator of what is meant to be ~ a partner to assist iterating an idea or project to fruition

Once you realize the power of focused human effort coalesced by writing or conversation, you will learn that being a person in charge of your life is the best gift you can give to everyone and everything you care about.
Launch Your LifeStyle Business

This work is one of my favorite things to do: help someone transition from their corporate career into creating a business that will sustain them both financially & personally. You've got the idea. Partner with me to bring it online, including hands-on support in choosing & implementing best of breed applications based on your exact business model.