I am currently focusing on my speaking & workshop portfolio and eagerly considering all opportunities where the audience is looking for an entirely new take on fixing all the old, standard problems. I focus primarily on wellbeing and right livelihood, as meaningful work with a secure financial return that supports our chosen lifestyle, is the focus of what we do each day, and hence the beginning of wellness or illness.

My Wellbeing Philosophy Talks ~ how to think clearly through all the chaos of 2019 ~ can be tailored to just about any theme and are usually focused on either the health or work angle based on the audience. I often use targeted examples of the process of evolutionary thinking - dynamically & logically alive thinking - that can have people check facts via wikipedia, as I talk through a controversial argument.

This sort of interaction and embodiment, 2019-style, helps people not just see one topic differently, but be able to step back and ask how to think about any topic in which the inhabitants of the US of H (United States of Hypocrisy) mindset are stuck on, seemingly in perpetual battle, by doing a little reconnaissance from a simple evo-logical pivot.

On topics of human potential and consciousness evolution, I often bring along a few tuning forks, to help make a few points about thinking simply, because many of our repetitive and knee jerk thoughts are incredibly dense with nonsensical assumptions. Just as the tuning forks are not woo-woo when adjusting the strings on a piano; the forks are not woo-woo when you develop the skill to hear an off-pitch vibration from the human biofield.

I look forward to working with you on a mind-opening talk for your event.

Deb > 202-487-7818