Looking for an entirely new take on fixing all the old, standard problems? My speeches focus on uniting wellbeing and right livelihood. Meaningful work, with a secure financial return, that supports our chosen lifestyle, is the focus of what we do each day, and hence the foundation of our wellness or illness.

My Wellbeing Philosophy Talks ~ How to Think Clearly through all the Chaos of 2019 ~ can be tailored to just about any theme and are usually focused on either the health or work angle based on the audience. I use targeted examples of the process of evolutionary thinking - dynamically & logically humane thinking - and I prompt people to check facts via google/wikipedia, as I talk through a controversial argument.

This sort of interaction and embodiment, 2019-style, helps people not just see one topic differently, but be able to step back and ask how to think about any topic in which the inhabitants of the US of H (United States of Hypocrisy) are locked in violent disagreement about, seemingly in perpetual battle. Clarity comes by doing a little reconnaissance from a simple evo-logical pivot.


Philosopher-in-Residence Program for Organizations

If you are ready to get crystal clear on the questions you are trying to solve, or discover entirely new, yet logical ways to innovate - reach out. Yes, experts are great at offering guarantees on implementation processes, but first, you must really and truly know you are asking the right questions to begin with. The process of reverse engineering out of blind corners, back onto the bedrock of common truths, beliefs, and goals takes synthesis and emotional intelligence and a lifelong dedication to living as an outlier.

Each residence program is bespoke and is a combination of personal conversations with leaders, and key individual contributors, workshops, homework, iterated until all deliverables are complete and a final review of the ground covered and summary celebration for the entire team.

In the wellbeing arena, on topics of human potential and consciousness evolution, I often bring along a few tuning forks, to help make a few points about thinking simply, because many of our repetitive and knee jerk thoughts are incredibly dense with nonsensical assumptions. Just as the tuning forks are not woo-woo when adjusting the strings on a piano; the forks are not woo-woo when you develop the skill to hear an off-pitch vibration from the human biofield.

I look forward to working with you on a mind-opening talk for your event.

Deb > 202-487-7818