Wellbeing Philosophy ~ Mindfulness & Inclusivity Training

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Wellbeing Philosophy ~ Mindfulness & Inclusivity Training


The flat daily rate applies to either a full day workshop including talks, activities, and group dialogues or a keynote speech. Both options are able to be targeted to a specific topic or theme where I can show how to apply evolutionary logic thinking principles to specific deliverables your organization is pursuing.

I truly look forward to opening minds and hearts, while bringing the importance of consciousness to the forefront of being a productive and in-demand professional.

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A daily workshop or keynote speech designed to approach wellness, mindfulness, and inclusivity as one integrated topic.

Because they are all intertwined. We cannot have empathy if we are sick, as our whole focus is on ourselves and getting back to homeostasis.

We will not be able to learn how to operate our mind, if we are unwell.

And we stay locked in opposition to different types of people, when we are unsure of how to be our own best selves.

This curriculum can be targeted to any organization or group. Currently offering onsite programs around the Seattle metro area. Willing to put together a multi-day program to be offered in Portland or the Bay Area. And I excel at virtual webinars that connect remote teams in learning new ways to approach being optimal humans while at work.

Please reach out to schedule me as part of your wellness or training programs. I'd be honored to help your team learn how to think in a more humane style about how overall wellbeing is crucial to having the capacity to be non-judgmentally present throughout all the complex scenarios and inter-personal interactions occurring all day long.

Mindfulness and inclusivity are skills that require a lot of practice to make a habit.

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