How do I get started? My calendar on this website is always up-to-date with my availability. Just pick a session, pay for the hour long appointment with your credit card, and attach your resume and any actual or sample job descriptions – even a link from any major job board will do the trick. Make sure you provide me with the phone number that you want to be called on for our appointment. I will always call you at our scheduled appointment time and we will dive into your specific interview hurdles and how to become a better interviewee.

What Timezone are you located? I am on the West Coast in the Seattle area. All times on my calendar are based on Pacific Standard Time (PST). The scheduler will give you the option to select your timezone so please ensure that you select the appropriate timezone where you live. I do work with clients throughout the country, and my East Coast clients really like that they can schedule an appointment after work hours for them, but during my typical work day.

I don't see your phone number. I have a question and I want to talk to you directly about your service. I'd love to hear from you! Please send me an email. Because I spend most of my work day on the phone, and I want to ensure that when I am with a client, we aren't constantly interrupted, I ask that you communicate with me via email. I will get back to you during my next break in appointments. This policy helps me to guarantee to all my clients 100% of my attention during any scheduled appointment.

Is one hour talking on the phone really going to make me a better interviewee? Certainly, although as with most professional services the first hour is typically about fact finding, and each successive hour of coaching will add layers of competence and depth of practice. I start off each client by going through a first session template that helps me understand your particular interview “queasiness” and that allows me to give you a more broad perspective on both sides of the Interview Process, and then we dive into the mechanics of how you answer questions and extract examples from your past work experiences. Lots of clients continue to work with me after the first hour, but even just one hour focusing on getting constructive criticism on how you interview can give you the confidence to succeed in your next job interview.

I am an Accountant, Anesthesiologist, or any profession through to Zoologist. Since your experience is in HR and IT can you help me? Most assuredly. Almost all interview processes require you to go through an HR professional who isn't trained in the specific area of the job requisition, but they do have a lot of experience evaluating job seekers. I work with a lot of job seekers and I can not only tell the difference between someone prepared and someone who doesn't represent themselves well; I can ofter suggestions to improve and furthermore assist you in practicing these skills so that you can transform into a more capable interviewee.

I am a Life Coach, Business Coach, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist - How will you help me? I am excited to branch out my offerings to small service business owners using the practice that I've gained starting my own service business. I will ask you to send me some information prior to our appointment about your ideal client, your current offerings and the exact area where you want to focus on practicing your pitch. I'll review the materials before we get on the phone and during the call I will give you the chance to pitch me as I role-play your ideal customer. Best of all – you can rest assured that I am on your side – I believe in small service businesses and want to help you succeed!

Can we have an appointment on Skype or Google Hangouts? Absolutely, video is a great tool for giving you pointers on how you come across to someone interviewing you. However, I insist that the first session is via phone, because I am going to need to reference your resume, job description and take a lot of notes. Since I need to stare at the screen, take notes and type, I can't really focus on video during our first session together. Once you've become a client, video is a brilliant way of conducting “mock” interviews, where I stay in character as a Hiring Manager for the first portion of the call, not giving you any immediate feedback, but allowing you to go through an uninterrupted dry run interview. I provide all the feedback after we've completed the mock interview.

Do I have to have an interview with a company scheduled? No. A lot of my clients book their first session just as they start the job search process, and then we have further sessions as they find the perfect job posting, and finally in order to prepare for specific interviews as they are scheduled. As with any skill that improves with practice, cramming is not always effective, so if you dread interviews and you may be on the job market soon, get in touch and get started on improving your interview skills. On the other hand, even if you are scheduled to interview tomorrow, I can help you today to get a calmer perspective and stop going around in circles in your mind fretting about what to say tomorrow.

Do you provide resume improvement and job search tips?  Mostly no. My focus is the under supported interview process. There are lots of other services and advice that are targeted towards getting your resume into shape and figuring out how to get that resume in the hands of the people who will contact you for an interview. After that point is where I step in to fill a void in the marketplace. I concentrate on helping you be successful in job interviews. I may offer a tip here and there about making your resume better and where you might want to look; but these areas will be a very small part of our work. I will focus on working with you to perfect your interview skills so that you can get a job offer.

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