As a Wellbeing Philosopher my niche is helping unwell people create a coherent narrative, so that they can communicate precisely with medical practitioners of all sorts.

I have fallen in awe of the empowerment within us.


I have personally experienced the healing that tuning forks can unleash. I am trained in the foundations of Biofield Tuning - the modality discovered and popularized by Eileen Day McKusick - but with my own twists.

I utilize Socratic method alongside my tuning forks to help people with imprecise diagnoses, overlapping chronic conditions, and the overwhelm of contemporary life. I offer you a capable listener and questioner who can help you gain some clarity from within your own intuitive capacities about what contributed to your issues, so that you can target appropriate remedies.

I am a woo-woo guru, suffused with a serious analytical mind. I truly believe the modality is not the medicine, unless the practitioner has fallen in love with the tools of their practice.

And I will proudly wear the t-shirt that proclaims:

"Tuning Forks helped me save my own life."

I'd be honored to facilitate your own journey to reclaiming your full spectrum wellbeing.

I find meaning and joy in helping others learn the basics of frequency & vibration as therapeutic and diagnostic tools - so that you can get back into the driving seat of your own health.

We can work together in my home office in Useless Bay Colony, or via a web conferencing tool like Zoom, or even at the Cafe in the Woods or other great local venue. Doing acupressure on our hands in public with the weighted forks is a great way to learn how to balance internal and external energetic demands.

Biofield Tuning ~ Using Sound for Emotional Balancing ~ can unleash energy your body needs to make physical repairs.

We’re not just little hunks of meat. We’re vibrating like a tuning fork - we send out a vibration to other people. We broadcast and receive
— Candace Pert

Your Body is an Instrument of Consciousness

Life is movement & movement is vibration. Every cell in your body and your highly organized whole are all vibrating in constant communication. Same as a laser is just light, focused into a strong force - sound healing is focusing sound in certain areas, with certain intent, that has been found to be able to clear the energy of emotional blockages that are stored in the electric fields surrounding our bodies in the shape of a torus, about 5 feet on the sides and about 2 to 3 feet on the top and bottom.

While this might be a little challenging to grasp, thinking of a memory that still haunts you: where, precisely is it stored? We commonly use the phrase that something has an ‘emotional charge’ - well what if that is actually the case - you carry around the memories as a disruption in the electromagnetic fields of your body.

The theory is that we have an electrical biofield encircling us about 5 feet off our body. Emotional blockages are stuck in this field that can be detected by the tuning forks, which, when they introduce a precise, coherent frequency the body can notice where it is not vibrating coherently and adjust. Fixing these places of emotional constipation can then ripple into allowing the body to have the bandwidth to prioritize physical problems. 

Over time, it was also discovered that distance session work because as quantum physics shows, fields are nonlocal.

I have completed the Biofield Tuning foundations course in combination with my own work with Tibetan Bowls, acupressure points, and a lot of basic science applied philosophically. I work both in-person on Whidbey Island and via distance sessions over Zoom ~ reach out today to experience vibrational or frequency shifts for yourself.

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