The new field of sonogenetics uses sound waves to control the behavior of brain cells >


Note that the diaphragm maintains the rhythm of the body - the bass drumbeat of our dynamic body orchestras >

Has this scientist finally found the fountain of youth?


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Kyle Davies: The Intelligent Body - Reversing Chronic Fatigue and Pain from the Inside Out >

Are you in the middle of a chronic health condition that defies diagnosis? "A new paradigm for healing is needed that has its roots in self-empowerment and vibrational change, addressing the cause and creating an environment within the body for health and wellness. As humans, we have an incredible capacity to heal ourselves." p.6

He does an excellent job of creating a path to wellness for those of us stuck in a labyrinth that current medical science is not sure how to navigate. Conventional approaches fail because they look to the body, but many chronic conditions have emotional underpinnings. "There’s a plausible argument to suggest that with repeated unconscious suppression or blocking of emotion, a rewiring of neural pathways takes place in the brain. In effect the result of this rewiring could be that rather than triggering feelings, emotions actually trigger symptoms." p.45

"The most important thing to begin with is allowing yourself to feel." p.132

This book teaches you that symptoms are solutions. Highly recommended!


Physics Dictates Chemistry: Karim Dhanani, BSc, BA, ND founder of Center for Biological Medicine >