Website Creation Tutoring - Worldwide Mentoring on How to Setup & Maintain a Personal or Small Business Website created via Squarespace

The key to a fruitful virtual career is being able to have an idea at breakfast that can be implemented on your website that morning, and launched on social media by lunch. Let me teach you how.
— Deb Helfrich
Website Creation & Tutoring Package
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Work with me to learn how to create your own custom website using Squarespace.

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I teach you how to use Squarespace to create & maintain your own website.

The biggest complaint I hear from solo practitioners and small business owners is that their website person is too busy or too expensive to make the small changes necessary for their constantly evolving business.

As far as I am concerned the whole point of being in business for yourself is to have an idea while showering or drinking coffee and be able to implement the new income stream by lunch, so you can spread the word via social media or email while your clients might be checking in during their own midday break.

For a limited time, my rate is $700 for a full package starting from scratch and bringing you to a fully operational website - that you can maintain yourself. Cruise around this site -100% conceived, designed, and executed by me.

Please feel free to browse my latest successful tutoring & implementation client’s site:

Package includes one on one teaching time working directly on your website via phone, zoom, or your preferred communications tool, along with unlimited emails during our work and for a full month once your website is ‘live.’

  • You will setup your own account with Squarespace using the business plan for $26/month or $18/month when you purchase an annual package of $216 - which I highly recommend for ease - and you will get a free domain when you sign-up. If you intend to collect money from clients via the internet, or integrate a scheduling tool, this package is the one to select.

  • If you want a basic website of just words, images, videos from popular video hosting sites, and blogging > you can select the Personal Squarespace plan which is $16/month or $192 annually - but I really recommend spending the extra $24.

  • Setup a blog and work to create at least 3 blog posts together so that you understand how it works.

  • Learn how to use the page, programming blocks, and design functionalities.

  • Learn about using Squarespace to sell digital products or services - physical product store setup for up to 12 products.

  • Upon package purchase, I will email you a link to setup a time to review what you want to accomplish with your website and get the ball rolling on helping you make design, font, color, and image decisions.

  • Feel free to schedule a free 20 minute initial consult to make sure I can meet your needs >

  • One of the great features of Squarespace is that you can assign other people to be admins and you are in full control of giving and revoking access. Once your implementation is completed you can purchase additional hours from me, or very easily find someone on a site like fiverr to help you in the future.

Please visit link to ensure current Squarespace pricing >

Please visit link to ensure current Squarespace pricing >