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Part of the reason things are shifting dramatically is that so many more of us are thriving past our reproductive prime. This gives us the ability to contribute to healing humanity, beyond the personal imperatives of raising, providing, and protecting family. Of course, the speed and ease we’ve gained from the rollout of vast & instantaneous communication technologies adds to the quickly growing enlightenment. But the biggest impetus to change has to be the disease burden an inhumanely functioning society creates. The sad state of our cultural structures can no longer be ignored. It is time for all human-created systems to be remade in humane ways.

The delivery of Medical Services is the most urgent place to apply humane systems thinking.

Because LIVES are at stake!

— Deb

My work can be thought of as a Complementary Health Concierge. My mentoring involves helping you gain clarity about your own blind spots when it comes to ALL the factors comprising your unique wellness situation.

People often consult with me to help understand random feelings, inner knowings, and urges to try alternative approaches that they aren’t sure how to act on. I facilitate seeing the truth underlying what is wrong with you, so that you can find the right modalities to help you heal yourself. Another big part of this work is challenging you to get the basics right for yourself, before you invest the time, money, and potential side effects of the current standard of Western biochemical-predominant medicine.

Breathing, hydrating with water, standing, sitting, sunning, earthing, and sleeping optimally can produce astounding effects in trending you toward better overall health. Every single one of these methods are free to all. You owe it to yourself to optimize these foundational dimensions of your health, before you seek treatments or pills. Guaranteed your wellness with improve in demonstrable ways, and where it doesn’t you will have better information to bring to your health practitioner.

I love to help people understand the truth being broadcast by their bodies every single moment. This ratchets into clarity by sharing stories that prove that we can decide to live a radically different life, follow our sensory intelligence, and end up where we always dreamed of being.
— Deb
I specialize in being a synthesizer. Finding the hidden commonalities in disparate areas of knowledge. If you want something done, do find a specialist, but if you want to understand, solve, or invent then seek out someone willing to proudly proclaim that they are an expert in nothing.
— Deb