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I help people 'Be Well,' by gaining clarity on how their thinking (or lack thereof) affects their health

Part of the reason things are shifting dramatically is that so many more of us are thriving past our reproductive prime. This gives us the ability to contribute to healing humanity, beyond the personal imperatives of raising, providing, and protecting family. Of course, the speed and ease we’ve gained from the rollout of vast & instantaneous communication technologies adds to the quickly growing enlightenment. But the biggest impetus to change has to be the disease burden an inhumanely functioning society creates. The sad state of our cultural structures can no longer be ignored. It is time for all human-created systems to be remade in humane ways.

The delivery of Medical Services is the most urgent place to apply humane systems thinking.

Because LIVES are at stake!

— Deb
~~~ I specialize in being a synthesizer. Finding the hidden commonalities in disparate areas of knowledge. If you want something done, do find a specialist, but if you want to understand, solve, or invent then seek out someone willing to proudly proclaim that they are an expert in nothing~~~
— Deb