Seeking! The most precious gift I will ever receive. A home when I need it the most.

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I have something special to share with the world. I need a home on Whidbey Island to fulfill my life’s promise to humanity.

A home on Whidbey where I can exchange heart energy instead of USD fall/winter 2019 for a place to continue healing and build a right livelihood career where I can help the world move forward from all its current chaos through Wellbeing Philosophy.

I have a 9 year old, 20 pound life partner, Zanzi, a well-trained, but very introverted dog. My financial difficulties arose because I am suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (and Global Warming, overall.) Moving to Whidbey since April 2018 has jump started my return to health. Staying on the island is vitally important for me to finish healing so I can share my insights, hypotheses, and energy to help us all fix the chaos surrounding humanity.

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I just need to be adopted for awhile, by someone with some spare capacity, as my body is in charge of this complex healing process solving lifelong dysfunction originating from infancy trauma.

I guarantee we can arrange some sort of time & energy exchange that will feel even better than a standard monthly fee.

I was a software consultant for 20 years - so I can help with most tech research and implementations - and I know how to get a small business up on the internet and accepting payments within a few days.

We really thrive in the Salish Sea environment

We really thrive in the Salish Sea environment

I am transitioning to a career as a writer, corporate speaker, and one-woman show performer as a Wellbeing Philosopher. Now you see why my path is taking longer than my funds. I am hacking away at the thorns of American life, clearing a path to stop the industrialized madness and pivot everyone into thinking in much more humane terms.

Being ill throughout my 40s was the preparation that brought me to this juncture and I feel blessed to have the chance to talk to the world from a very unique angle.

I am also a world class driver. An incredible friend to animals, plants, and houses needing caring, responsible oversight.

I can write and edit English with elan. I care about how the meaning generates emotion, much more than whether a sentence meets grammar rules.

I’m just a redheaded black swan - a one in 7 billion assortment of uniquely valuable skills. I know we can arrive at a win ~ win ~ win arrangement if you have some extra capacity and a curiosity around helping the world move forward from a very stuck moment of tension-filled violence into a more collaborative and humane future. I see the way forward. But I need a loving home for awhile to launch my career with integrity.

Please help me concentrate on being able to bring a truly needed message to the world. I just need a homebase to heal and prepare for a career sharing the powerful truth and exponential capacity of us all, when we think using evolutionary logic.

Click to listen to a half hour podcast that showcases how I think, how I use Socratic Dialogue to generate impact, and how blessed I feel to be able to contribute to the world in my special way. I failed financially, so that I can explain to the world how we can move out of this abyss of inequality. A place to call home for a handful of seasons, so I can launch a career based on integrity, would be the most precious gift I have ever received.

DEB > 202-487-7818