Experiential and Impactful Workshops


The power of Wellbeing Philosophy lies in learning to think about how we think about what we do. Deb Helfrich’s workshops are custom-tailored to your organization and its wellness and training objectives. But each program will be focused on how to mentor your team to be mindfully present, using bleeding edge tools and theories, that will lead to each individual being more open, accepting, tolerant - i.e. effortlessly inclusive. At the same time, freeing up these mental resources of constant self-monitoring and adjusting will lead to improved efficiency and creativity in completing tasks and contributing to mutually supportive collaborations.

You have heard all the buzzwords. You have read many posts. But practical solutions are few and far between.

Wellbeing Philosophy puts the humanity back into being a professional. By teaching each person how to utilize evolutionary logic and humane thinking to produce exponential results. When life is taken into account, and dynamic results are understood to be a function of life, we learn to manage risks much more efficiently and setup conditions for innovation that might lead to the next billion dollar idea.

Workshops start at $1000 per day for up to 30 participants. Speeches are also booked for audiences in the hundreds at the same flat rate plus travel expenses outside the Seattle metro area.